Porn Company Raided By FBI

For the second reported time, another adult entertainment company was raided by the FBI within only two weeks time.

JJ Ruch, owner of Sebastian Sloane Productions, is a small company that produces amateur, gay videos. With only a handful of videos on the market, this producers is further proof that the FBI isn’t just going after large companies during their impromptu inspections to make sure that adult producers are complying with 2257 regulations (Federal record-keeping and labeling regulations, 18 U.S.C. ยง2257) and that they have no child porn.

Ruch stated “The government that we pay our damn tax dollars to is focusing on this stupid shit rather than focusing on animal abusers, men who beat their families and wives, murderers, frauds, and all other actual criminal activities.”

JJ emailed us while the FBI was still there going through his things. He emailed us again after the inspection was completed and we advised him to contact AVN to get the word out to a mass audience of people in the industry. That article is here.

After 5 hours of the FBI going through his office, computer, and home, they left. JJ added, “When they left they shook my hand, thanked me for my time, and thanked me for not supporting child pornography.”

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Porn Version of YouTube

porn videos

I ran across an interesting site that is the porn version of youtube, but with a twist. Instead of simply copying youtube, they’ve added substantially more features and opportunities for adult webmasters and video producers.

I’ve been testing out as both a producer and normal user and am overall impressed, but they do have some major issues to resolve. One is slow servers (always an issue with high-bandwidth traffic like videos) and the other is their flash conversion software sync (you upload your video and they convert it to Flash Video, but the sound doesn’t always sync with the video). I assume that these are simply growing pains.

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Porn Company Commercial

Just something I threw together from my guy model clips I had lying around.

Click here to view the porn commercial.

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New Video Releases At – 7/21/06

amateur porn dvd

New Amateur Video Releases Every Friday!

Three New Straight Releases – Click Here

Six New Gay Video Releases – Click Here

Don’t Forget To Use Your 15% Off Coupon!

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Michael Jackson Pays Gay Porn Director

I usually ignore any type of celebrity news (I just don’t give a fuck about any of them, what they think, do, believe, buy, etc.), but this one caught my eye because of the porn reference.

Article is here.

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Petty Fuckers

According to Reuters, “Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the blue chip investment bank, wants a Netherlands man to change the name of a sex-themed Web site called Goldman Sachs last week submitted a complaint to the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) arguing the Internet domain name would cause confusion and contained links to objectionable “adult” material.”

This is the dumbest dispute I’ve heard to date. There is no fucking way anyone would ever confuse the two. Ever. Seriously. Never.

I hope makes a fortune off of the free publicity! (And wins the dispute, too)

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Exclusive – 15% Off Coupon

This porn coupon is an exclusive gift for Amateur Video Blog readers!

Get 15% off all of your DVD purchases on Yes, you can keep using the coupon on as many orders as you want! Just enter this code at checkout to receive discount: AVBLOGFIF

Here are the rules: AMVC reserves the right to discontinue coupon at any time, for any reason, without warning. Void where prohibited. All legal Terms on apply. No cash value. May not be applied to previous orders. You may not ask to apply coupon after order is already placed, so make sure you enter the above code during checkout! Coupon only good for DVD purchases on Prices and terms subject to change without notice.

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Huge Condoms (Or “My Ship Has Come In”)

I thought this was a joke at first, but they’re selling them on (owned by “Huge” condoms is the name and no more ambiguity is their game. No more hints, eluding to, skirting the issue. After all, why wouldn’t anyone want to know that’s their condom!?!

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Are You A Horny, Smoking, Fat Ass?

I am sometimes, but thanks to CNN and the American Council on Exercise…. I’m going to fix it! Click Here to see what I’m talking about.

Share Button Adds Twenty-Eight New Producers To Site Amateur Video Logo Adds Twenty-Eight New Producers To Site

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (June 18, 2006) โ€“, an amateur video production and distribution company, today announced that twenty-eight new gay and straight producers have been added to its site.

CamsOnDemand, Big Red Curtain Productions, Commando Video, Don’t Bet Me, Fresh Boyz Productions, Hazloke Video, Hot UK Club, Jerk Studios, Pig Daddy Productions, and SSP Productions are the ten new gay producers.

The eighteen new straight producers are: Andrew Ward TV Productions, Atlanta Erotic Video, Butterwaters, Chelsea Videos, CyberDyke, Emerald City Studios, FC Productions, FLT Videos, J & S Videos, MarkCom Productions, Misty’s XXX Girls, Pinkybricks Productions, SexMeUp Videos, Synergy Films, Texxxas Entertainment, TnA Films, Toxxxic Video, and Vagabond Entertainment.

These twenty-eight producers bring to 106 gay producers and 61 straight producers. Combined, these producers offer AMVC.comโ€™s customers more than 1450 films with an extraordinary variety of homemade videos from which to choose.

โ€œThe purpose of remains the same, says co-owner Allen McNulty. We offer amateur producers a distribution point for their unique videos, as well offering our customers an extremely large and diverse place to find homemade videos.” is owned and operated by the good folks at On The Edge of Cyberspace, Inc. For more information, we hope you visit

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Holographic Porn?

What’s going to replace online streaming and DVD? My theory, several years ago, was holo-technology. Why wait for your porn to arrive in the mail or to buffer, when your holo-thingy can just emit the porn right there in front of you in real life? Sound crazy? I think not. Look here and here to see what I mean.

Back in ’04, I bought a bunch of porn-related “holo” domain names. It was just a guess, but it looks like I’m on my way to being right ๐Ÿ™‚

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Free Adult Blogs Are Coming Soon!

We hate being censored, so we developed a free adult blog site for everyone. It’s ad-based (isn’t everything?), so we can offer it for free to all adults. Stay tuned….it’s coming soon!

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Reward Points For Porn??

It’s always been my reasoning that a porn business should be run like any other, with regards to ethics, quality control, excellent customer service, etc. One thing in the “non-porn” shopping world that I love is loyalty/rewards points that I get for my purchases. Done correctly, it can buy me something pretty as a result from crap I would’ve bought anyway.

That said…we’ve decided to start offering Loyalty/Rewards Points for all purchases at Right now they are included as cards inside your purchase, but we’re working diligently to make it electronic so our customers don’t have to keep up with a bunch of cards (or keep them hidden from prying eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

Once we make the points system all site-based, we’ll also be able to add points on birthdays, holidays, if we fuck up (at our discretion of course), or just because. The customers will be able to monitor their points much better and so will we.

We’re working hard to make your porn shopping experience seem like just another day at the mall! ๐Ÿ™‚

Share Button Begins Phasing Out VHS and PAL

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (November 8, 2005) โ€“, an amateur video production and distribution company, today announced that it will begin phasing out VHS and PAL sales on its site. The company will discontinue selling VHS once its blank media inventory is depleted. The remaining video options at AMVC will continue to be DVD and streaming videos.

โ€œI realize that most other companies jumped on this bandwagon when they saw Blockbuster do it,โ€ says AMVC.comโ€™s co-owner Allen McNulty, โ€œbut our VHS sales percentages were just way too high to lose those sales and customers. Now, however, we are seeing a substantially lower percentage of VHS sales vs. our DVD sales, so we feel itโ€™s time to begin phasing it out of our product line.โ€ is owned and operated by the folks at On The Edge of Cyberspace, Inc. For more information, please visit

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Inside Deep Throat

I watched the documentary “Inside Deep Throat” last night and am recommending it to our readers. For those of you too young to remember this blockbuster, the film “Deep Throat” was about a woman named Linda LoveLace who had a dilemma to solve….her clitoris was in her throat.

Inside Deep Throat” documents the emergence of porn into mainstream society. When the video, “Deep Throat”, the first “big picture” porn video launched at a movie theatre open to the general public, it (and porn) became the primary focus of government and churche’s crusade to shut it all down and arrest everyone. Porn was being grouped with communism in special reports, while celebrities like Jack Nicholson (and every big name in society) lined up for miles to see the film.

There are amazing similarities of the government and religious right’s pursuit to shut down porn yesteryear and their continued attempts today. One FBI agent who was interviewed laughingly said, when asked about today’s focus on pornography by the FBI, “I guess this means we won the war on terror”.

I watched the NC17-rated video on DVD, so I don’t know how it compares to the R-rated version. My version had tons of special features that were definitely worth the watch (and were sometimes better than what they chose to include in the actual film).

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Lower Prices At

We decided to take drastic action at and lower prices for all of our videos. Many of our videos are now at $14.95 and we no longer allow any of our amateur producers to price their videos above $29.95.

Our goal here was to compete with the continued increase of pay-per-view and digital downloads. Plus, we figured we should keep as an “amateur videos at amateur prices” type of site. We also wanted to fuck our competition and let our customers and producers reap the rewards ๐Ÿ™‚

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New Blog Script (And we lost some posts)

I got rid of the old blog script and got this nifty new one. I hope you guys like.

Unfortunately, we lost some of the old posts…but not because of the new script but because of the 2257 drama that’s ensued. I had some straight producer interviews, but they are no longer with the family (we hope they come back soon!) Therefore, I removed their interviews as they didn’t really make sense unless you could go and see their video pics and descriptions (and nowhere to link them to).

Along with the forty billion other things on my plate, I promise to get some juicy insider interviews for you as soon as humanly possible!

The priority items on my list right now are: New shopping cart system (almost done and it’s hella cool!), Streaming-Download site (our own, not a 3rd party), selling pics and clips as content to adult webmasters, and an adult blog-hosting site (first for our producers and then to the general public).

I’m also adding a “Personal” category to these blog posts. I’ve got the “General” but am not sure if that needs to exist or not.

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