New Blog Script (And we lost some posts)

I got rid of the old blog script and got this nifty new one. I hope you guys like.

Unfortunately, we lost some of the old posts…but not because of the new script but because of the 2257 drama that’s ensued. I had some straight producer interviews, but they are no longer with the family (we hope they come back soon!) Therefore, I removed their interviews as they didn’t really make sense unless you could go and see their video pics and descriptions (and nowhere to link them to).

Along with the forty billion other things on my plate, I promise to get some juicy insider interviews for you as soon as humanly possible!

The priority items on my list right now are: New shopping cart system (almost done and it’s hella cool!), Streaming-Download site (our own, not a 3rd party), selling pics and clips as content to adult webmasters, and an adult blog-hosting site (first for our producers and then to the general public).

I’m also adding a “Personal” category to these blog posts. I’ve got the “General” but am not sure if that needs to exist or not.

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Author: AMVC

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