Our Interview on TechTV’s “UnScrewed”

TechTV (now known as G4 on cable tv) had a tongue-in-cheek, geek-oriented, (sort of) adult-oriented 30-minute show called "UnScrewed". They flew one of the owners of AMVC.com down to San Francisco to do this interview about amateur videos.


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D&E Productions Interview

d and e productions amteur gay videos

1. Describe your videos for those who haven’t seen them yet.

Our D&E videos are very eclectic and what I mean about eclectic is that we try to have different storylines, scenarios and themes. Our themed videos vary from fetish to twink videos, our niche is that we don’t have a niche and we try to appeal to many different groups with different tastes, currently we are calling our style of videos Gay Gonzo.

2. How did you get your start in producing amateur videos?

I started by watching Bobby Garcia videos and All Words Videos. I thought if Bobby Garcia could do this why can’t I. You can say that Bobby Garcia and All Worlds Videos inspired me. I came up with the idea while I was in class learning to build websites. My classmate and I were talking and his goal was to build adult websites. When I came home from school and I was talking to my partner Eddie about going into the adult video business he thought I was crazy at first. We checked out the laws and studied the business, asked questions to other producers, watched 100’s of videos and did a complete cost of what it will take to do a business like this. Although we did not leave our full time jobs we started very slow and began production in 2001.

3. What’s the best thing about it?

Now the best thing is that after all the struggles of starting a new business and learning the business from ground up, we were able to become independent and leave our full time jobs and do this full time and know that people are purchasing our videos and renting them and really enjoying what they see.

4. What’s the worst thing about it?

Hoping that once you made the investment into making a video, you get your money back plus profitthat the video does not bomb!

5. Describe any very odd experiences or situations you’ve experienced so far.

Oh! Where do I start its only been 3.5 years since I have been in this business and I think I can write a book. One of the oddest experiences or situations we have experienced so far is when you tell other people what you do for a living you really and I mean really get their attention. We love going on vacation and meeting all types of people and then when they ask what you do for a living we tell them we are producers of adult videos. They seem to be so amazed and start asking 101 questions about the industry and what really goes on behind the scenes. One time we told someone and they actually purchased a video off the AMVC site and were very familiar with our name and videos then they actually asked us for our autographs, very strange and weird at the same time.

6.  Describe any bad experiences or situations you’ve experienced so far.

We really haven’t had any bad experiences or situations thus so far, the only situation that is bad for us is when our talent/model is performing his role as a bottom, and he has not cleaned himself very well before we film the anal scenes and we end up getting shit all over the sheets and the smell is overwhelming for me. At this point we have to stop production and do a major cleaning.

7. How do you find your models?

We advertise, Word of Mouth, from our Videos and Website, Chats and online. We also have a very talented coordinator that helps us find potential talent/models and we network with other production studios in our area.

8. What do you think are the best attributes of your videos?

Variety of themes we have in our videos and the different types of themes and titles we offer.

9. Who is your favorite model and why?

Wow! What a hard question, I like them all, we have been fortunate to work with some really great guys. If we had to pick our favorite model it would be Jimmy Hugh. Jimmy has been with us since the beginning, he has been very reliable; he is flexible and has always been very genuine with us. Jimmy has appeared in many of our productions and is a talented great guy to work with.

10. Which is your favorite video and why?

Wow! Another hard question, since its both of us David picks the College Boy Physicals Series because this is David’s personal fetish/kink and Eddie’s favorite video is College Boys In Paradise because it has a nice story, its in a great tropical setting and the boys are hot. Eddie also picks another soon to be released video called David & Eddie’s Private Lessons this video will be released in November and is a very hot video with a great storyline.

11. Tell the readers a secret about you.A Secret! If I tell the readers a secret about myself, it wouldn’t be a secret.

To see all of D&E Productions’ videos, click here.

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Interview With Sneek Peek

sneek peek amateur videos

This interviewer has seen a LOT of porn. I should be blind and have the hairiest palms on the planet by now I 've also seen tons and tons of alleged "gay for pay" videos, where most of the "straight" guys were so gay they broke my gaydar (don't worry…I sent my broken gaydar to Sears and they were able to fix it 🙂

Sneek Peek Productions, however, is a major exception to my usual disappointment. Their guys are butcher than any lesbian I know and are clearly in it for the nut and money. Some of the guys are so extremely straight that I'd get nervous for Vinnie's (the guy who blows them) safety. With the exception of cum in his hair and the cum stains on his clothes, he seems to have remained unscathed. These are REAL straight guys who kick back for some head and then leave the second they get their money. My kind of guy!

Here is our interview with Vinnie and Mike from Sneek Peek Productions:

1. Describe your videos for those who haven't seen them yet.

Vinnie: The videos we produce feature a cameraman (me) who films straight young men who think they're auditioning for straight porn. During the interview I move in and eventually they let me give them a handjob or a blowjob. Many come back for more sessions even though there are never any girls around, and sometimes I can bring them to the next level and theyhelp me get off or even let me fuck'em.

2. How did you get your start in producing amateur videos?

Mike: Vinnie and I met when I was managing an adult bookstore, he came in one day in his security uniform (hot!) and we started talking. I found out he had been filming some straight dudes from his hometown for his own pleasure and since I had some film production experience in college we decided to combine our talents and start Sneek Peek Productions.
Vinnie: That was in 2001 and after a year we were both able to quit our day jobs and work full-time for our company.

3. What's the best thing about it?

Mike: I'll answer this one – being able to work at home and be my own boss! As for Vinnie – he gets a little slap and tickle and that keeps him happy!

4. What's the worst thing about it?

Mike: I'd have to say the long hours…I get up around 5am and work til 9 or 10 pm.
Vinnie: I film day and night and chill with the models in between, so I don't get much time to hang out with other friends.

5. Describe any very odd experiences or situations you've experienced so far.

Vinnie: In 1994, 5 years into my marriage, I went to have a couple beers at a local "redneck" bar and saw a good friend of mine who I grew up with. We started drinking, got real drunk and ended up back at my house where he decided to crash – actually he passed out on my bed! I had never thought about him sexually before but looking at him laying there got me thinking…I laid beside him for 30 or 40 minutes just rubbing my crotch while he slept – all of a sudden he reached over and put my hand on the rock hard cock pointing out of his boxers. Without saying anything I pulled the covers back and started sucking his cock,then he started moaning and busted in my mouth in under a minute…We never spoke about it and I still see him in public on occassion but no sex ever again… He's a hot, str8, REAL man and he's a police officer to boot!

6. Describe any bad experiences or situations you've experienced so far.

Vinnie: A few times wives, girlfriends or relatives of my performers found our website and confronted the guys. The straight guys are cool with stuff until someone else finds out.
Mike: Ocassionally finding someone who'sbootlegging our videos online.

7. How do you find your models?

Mike: Vinnie has the magic touch – they can be walking along the street, baggin' groceries, washing his car, working at Dunkin Donuts, etc…and they end up at Vinnie's with their pants down…Plus they refer their friends!I found a few rough diamonds myself at the adult bookstore: Jason, Taylor and Dante.

8. What do you think are the best attributes of your videos?

Vinnie: It's just me and the guy in the room so its intimate and the camera becomes like hidden eyes watching the process…sometimes the phone rings or my bengal cat tries to join in.

Mike: I think it's the ultimate "Reality Television"!

9. Who is your favorite model and why?

Vinnie: Buzz because he was so sweet and innocent on the inside, straight and cool on the outside…I still care about him very much even though he hasn't been around in a while.
Mike: I still like Jason from the 1st release we ever had…I'll never forget the day he walked into the bookstore and took a Sneek Peek business card off the bulletin board – I knew he'd be a star!

10. Which is your favorite video and why?

Vinnie: SPP30 Buzz Me In…Because it's the 1st time I fucked Buzz bareback.

Mike: I like the TONY volumes, especially SPP05 STR8 LOADS 5 : TONY where he has some classic reactions to Vinnie's advances.

11. Tell the readers a secret about you.

Vinnie: I'm very shy.

Mike: I'm in love with Tom Cruise.

To see more of Sneek Peek's videos, click here.

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