LeoLulu Partners with PornRocket’s NSFW.app And Privat Coins Crypto

Excerpt: “PornRocket holders can use their tokens to pay for content on NSFW.app, with a beta version scheduled to go live in mid-August.

“NSFW.app allows creators to post content free of charge and users to explore anonymously, without leaving a paper trail on their credit card statements,” said a rep.”

Rest of Article on Xbiz

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Hacked Butt Plug!

Hacked butt plug can be controlled from anywhere? Article is here.


hacked butt plug

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World Could Be Running Out of Condoms Because of Coronavirus

sex and condoms

Is the world running out of condoms, due to Coronavirus? Article is here.

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Coming Soon: Male Sex Robots With Bionic Penises

male sex doll bionic penis

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Sex robots with coding errors prone to violence and could strangle humans

“Sex robots plagued with coding errors could be prone to violent behaviors including strangling, an expert has warned. Doll collector Brick Dollbanger fears violent repercussions if robotics are not regulated properly.”

Read More Here.

sex doll
killer sex doll?


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Viagra + Alcohol = This Guy!

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Straight Guys Who Do “Gay For Pay” Porn (Or Private Sessions)

“Gay for Pay” straight guys are the latest up n’ cummers in both porn videos and private sessions.

xxxjobsearch.com is looking for straight guys who don’t give a fuck except getting paid (submit your model application today 🙂


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“Straight Men Have A Lot of Gay Sex, Study Shows”

here’s the article: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/04/29/gay-sex-love-straight-men-study-shows/

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How They Make A Sex Doll

Story is here.


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Bisexuality On The Rise (CNN)


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Ex-Porn Star Runs For School Board


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Foot fetishist’s sexual assault trial begins

“A single mom testified Tuesday she was “petrified” with fear when foot fetishist Michael James Fells used her feet to gratify himself.”

Read More Here: https://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/WeirdNews/2013/12/10/21328561.html

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Sex workers embrace Obamacare


"The risqué performance was part of an Obamacare registration drive last week in San Francisco, dubbed the "Healthy Ho's Party.

Organized by "Siouxsie Q," a Bay Area sex worker, the event was meant to encourage other sex workers to enroll in the new insurance exchanges. It was a rousing success: Nearly 40 men and women attended and almost all of them filed enrollment paperwork."

Read More Here:    https://money.cnn.com/2013/11/01/smallbusiness/sex-workers-obamacare/index.html?eref=mrss_igoogle_business

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Gay London Student to Lose Virginity in Live Art Project


"A gay student from London says he plans to lose his anal virginity live on stage for his art project, Britain’s newspaper the Daily Star reports."

Read More Here:  https://www.edgesanfrancisco.com/index.php?ch=news&sc=&sc2=news&sc3=&id=151118

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Male Sex Toys Show Sales Increase – Coupon For Our Readers!

"On September 5th, X Biz Magazine, an industry resource for the adult industry, reported that sex toys targeting a male demographic had recently shown an 18 percent increase in sales."


Get Your Sex Toy Now!  And With A Coupon!

$5.00 Off ($25.00 Order Minimum)

Go Here:  https://www.sextoysex.com/gaysoup

Enter This Coupon Code:  AMABLOG


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The Owner Of This Porn Blog On TV :)

I'm curious how many people watched TechTv's show "Unscrewed" when it was on.  The flew me to San Francisco to do the show.  Very cool experience and huge exposure for AMVC.com! 🙂

More info here:  https://www.tv.com/shows/unscrewed-with-martin-sargent/turn-your-amateur-porn-into-cash-tattoo-and-piercing-webcam-catfish-fetish-266651/


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Polish woman, 21, aspires to sleep with 100,000 men

"The credibility of her goal is also raising eyebrows — 20-minute romps with 100,000 men would take 33,333 consecutive hours, or 3.8 years, without taking a break."


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