Interview With Gay Porn Star: Tommy DeLuca

Tommy (Tommie) DeLuca Does 1st Video With

I had the pleasure of working with Tommy DeLuca when he first began his career in porn. I flew him here to Seattle to do a few shoots for and was nothing less than impressed by him. He was, by far, a producer’s dream. He was barely 18 (looked even younger), hung like a mule, uninhibited, very versatile, constantly horny, easy to work with, worked well with the other models, and was very eager to do a good job.

He starred in two of our own productions, “My First Time” and “Tommy & Friends“, before going on to make a strong name for himself in the adult entertainment industry.

It’s now a few years later and I had to have him for our first model interview. His answers are typed exactly as he emailed them to us:

1. Describe yourself in detail for those who haven’t seen you yet.

I would describe myself as a young boi physically fit and strong mentally.I am physically fit and try to keep my body in really good shape i have a toned
swimmers built and have brown hair and im told i have beautiful brown eyes and endowed 9.5 inches cut and in very masculine and attractive.

2. How did you get your start working in amateur videos?

I started getting into the industry when i was 18yrs old and i chatted with someone online who was interested in my look and i flew to california and did my very first movie down in la.

3. What’s the best thing about it?

The best thing about being in the industry is meeting the great people ive worked with in the past and traveling i enjoy seeing the world and meeting all new

4. What’s the worst thing about it?

The worst thing about it is god forbid gettin sick i think that is my biggest concert because we put our lives on the line in this industry just like a cop or
firefighter for example puts there lives on the line we do as well and all the models perform well and i myself along with others make sure we are tested to
make sure nothing bad happens i think that is the worst thing to happen is gettin sick i believe.

5. Describe any very odd experiences or situations you’ve experienced so far.

My oddest experience was on a set when i was in california and i was working with other guys but 2 of them were claimed straight and they took offense
because 2 guys were kissin and that was very odd and we asked why are you on a gay shoot then and they said we only work together and we do it for the money i found that to be odd because why do gay porn and yell at other models for kissin and making out while we were on a gay porn shoot i found that to be my oddest experience.

6. Describe any bad experiences or situations you’ve experienced so far.

My worst experience in the industry was when i was fucking someone and he wasnt clean that wasnt fun. But he did he duty and cleaned up and we did the scene and it came out good.

7. How do you find video work?

I find video work by recommendations and by researching out there to see if theres work avaiable and who is hiring and also people contact me through my website and i get some work through that.

8. What do you think are your best attributes?

My best attribute is my mind i tend to use it and think about my projects carefully and see what role fits me and how it will benefit me so i would say my
brain is the best attribute.

9. Who is your favorite producer and why?

My favorite producer is chi chi la rau l i think she is the best in the business and highly respected and i enjoy all of her work shes truly unique and very talented and shows quality in her movies she truly my favorite in this industry and i idolize her.

10. Which is your favorite video and why?

My favorite video is “Taking Flight” from falcon it was well done showed alot of hot sexually energy between the models and all of them were very gorgious
and all performed very well and i thought even though its a porn it showed alot of class to it as well.

11. Tell the readers a secret about you.

A secret about me is that is i have a fantasy about fucking jenna jameson shes the only girl i would ever fuck since i never been with a girl.

To see Tommy DeLuca in some of his videos, click here.


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