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Black Guys Video: Auditions #3

Black Guys Video is an offshoot of Home Town Guys and we've worked with more than a hundred models over the years. On this film you'll see the screen tests of some of our sexiest Black guys. Watch these hotties as they appear on camera for the very first time.


This 24yo sailor told me that he doesn't really masturbate much... yeah, he called it ''masturbation.'' Well, I put him in front of a camera and he found out just how much fun masturbation can be. You can see Jey in hot interracial action in Morgan's Men #2.

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This tall 21yo sailor has been in a few Videos, but they all started with this one session. He was hard from the moment he dropped his pants and he's not shy. He likes muscular guys, but any guy will do when his ass get that ''itch.'' You can see Dana in another solo scene in Auditions #1 and getting fucked in Bruthas On The Down Low #2 and Cisco Fucks Everyone.

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Here's another Navy man…27yo Mac. He doesn't say much during the session; he just pulls off his clothes and strokes out a nice load of cum while watching a porno tape. You'll see another session with Mac in the shower on Auditions #4.

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This 19yo works as a mechanic. Like Mac, he's very quiet and just goes about his business stripping down piece-by-piece and stroking up his nice, hard cock while watching a porno. After showing off his ass a little, Jeremy finishes off with an oozing load of cum.

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31yo Dean is Morgan's lover (Morgan's Men #1). He thought it would be cool to see what Morgan found so fascinating about being a porn model. Hey, for a first time exhibitionist, he really puts on a good show…in the shower, jacking off on the sofa and pumping a dildo in his butt until he cums. You can see Dean in action with his lover on Morgan's Men #2 and in a three-way on Morgan's Men #3.

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This long-dicked 20yo is not shy. He's naked in a flash and stroking up his 9+''. He tells us he prefers topping but can bottom, too; and he prefers giving head to getting it. Well, with a dick that big, I imagine he's had too many close calls with sharp teeth. He pops off a nice load and he's ready to do more. You can see Leo in a full solo session and a duo session with Jay on Black Fire.

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This 19yo's spiky hair, gold chain and pierced ears and nose tell us that he's anything but quiet. Jaz has a nice, tight body and a rock-hard cock with an upward curve. He talks about his early sexual experiences while he plays with his cock and ass until he finally gets his nut in a big blast of jizz. Jaz never did any other videos for me, so you'll have to be satisfied with this one.

Following this film you'll find previews for: Interracial Cocks, Auditions #3, Auditions #4, and Squeaky Clean.

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Black Guys Video: Auditions #3

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