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Phoenix and Cliff:

These are no racial barriers here as smooth white Cliff and hung black Phoenix get it on in one very hot fuck session. They start off quickly, getting naked and hard in a flash then taking turns sucking each other's cock. Soon they move on to deeper action as Cliff sits down on Phoenix's long, thick, bareback cock. Phoenix tops Cliff in several positions as Cliff works for deeper and deeper penetration. Phoenix blows his creamy load all over Cliff's face before Cliff whacks himself off and rubs it into Phoenix's face, too. Phoenix also appears in Brutha's On The Down Low #2.

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Will and Tony:

Will is a very sexed-up Anglo and Tony is a hyper-horny Vietnamese. Put these two together and you've got a boiling sex mix that is not to be missed. Will and Tony make undressing a sexy trip all on its own, then they get down to some serious cock sucking. Will slides on a lubed rubber and pushes balls-deep into Tony's Asian ass. Tony is a moaner who definitely loves to get fucked and Will is just the stud to do it. Will creams first all over Tony's tummy then puts on another rubber and keeps on fucking and fucking until Tony can't take it any more and cums. Tony also appears in Cisco Fucks Everyone. Will also appears in Jason The Nympho, Homo Houseboys, Making Movies #1 and Making Movies #2.

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Tiger and Derrick:

There's no plot, no tender emotions; this is just one hard black man fucking one cock-hungry white dude. Derrick is a loud fuck and Tiger gives him a lot to moan about until they both climax. Tiger is a fucking machine, though, and he keeps on pounding away at Derrick's butt until he pops another load on the white boy's furry cheeks. Tiger also appears in Black and White.

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Eric, Phoenix and Daniel:

Take one black top (Phoenix), one Latino bottom (Eric) and one Anglo cocksucker (Daniel), and you've got the recipe for a hot sex party with no holds barred. There's a lot of cock sucking as each guy tries to wrap his lips around the others' hard dicks. Eric gets his ass plundered as Phoenix works his fat rubber-covered cock into Eric's Latino hole. Slowly he goes deeper and deeper until he is just pounding Eric's ass. Phoenix pulls out and jerks off to climax with Daniel squeezing his balls and Eric whacks out a load of cream at the end. Eric also appears in Back To Nature.

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Islander and Joey (Bonus Scene):

These two slender, hung, versatile hotties got together for the first time right in front of the camera. Islander is Jamaican and Joey is a transplanted Navy boy. There's instant chemistry between these two and it makes for one very hot fuck session. Islander also appears in Brutha's On The Down Low #3.

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More Islander and Joey (Bonus Scene):

After these studs finished fucking, they hung around and chatted for a bit before they decided to fuck again. Like I said, instant chemistry. The second fuck is hotter than the first and is sure to get you off. Joey also appears in Home Town Guys: Auditions #3 and Jason The Nympho.

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