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Making Movies #2

As soon as Jason was hired as the live in houseboy and resident porno-model for Home Town Guys he started taping his own videos. I'd help him get things set up…we'd position several cameras in the room to capture the event and he'd use a hand-cam for the close-ups. He was just having fun and Making Movies...

The Color Cam:

If you saw the first video in this series Making Movies #1, then you know that Jason's first self-directed movie was about his boyfriend catching him fucking around and the fun that ensued. This new video is about Jason finding out that his best buddy is gay and then seducing him. We used the same camera setup as we did for the first video: a color camcorder on the desk, a black and white camera on the shelf and Will using a handheld camera to get in for those tight shots.

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The BandW Cam:

Here's another look at the same session you just saw. This black and white camera kind of gives you a spy's-eye view of the whole thing…almost like you're peeking in a keyhole; where you're not supposed to be. This camera also gives you a complete look at the second half of the session. The desk cam cut off early in the second portion of the scene, so this has all new footage that you've never seen before.

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The Hand Cam:

The first two cams only showed you part of the story, but the Palmcorder tells it all. Will did a good job of capturing all the fun. You see Jason come home and find a gay porno magazine on his friend's bed. Jason gets horny at the thought of scoring with his best buddy, so he sneaks into the shower with him. After getting over the shock, Brian is all into it as he and Jason make out in the shower before moving to the bedroom for more fun. They suck and fuck each other silly and all those cum shots you saw from a distance are shown again, close-up for your enjoyment.

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Home Wrecker:

Jason's enthusiasm for simple plots was infectious, and I caught the bug, myself. I sat down, thought things through more and borrowed some ideas from Jason's first two efforts. I planned out a four-scene movie that would have been the first scripted video for Home Town Guys.

Well, things didn't work out as well as I had hoped. We filmed the first scene and the last scene…then everything just fell apart, so the two middle sessions were never shot. I've put the fourth scene on this video (and left in the bloopers, too) so you can see how much fun we all had ''Making Movies''.

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Making Movies #2

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