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Making Movies #1

As soon as Jason was hired as the live in houseboy and resident porno-model for Home Town Guys, he started taping his own videos. I'd help him get things set up…we'd position several cameras in the room to capture the event and he'd use a hand-cam for the close-ups. He was just having fun and Making Movies...

The Color Cam:

One of the two stationary cameras was set on a tall desk, looking down on the action. This camera had a very sensitive microphone, so you get way too much background noise from the air conditioner. By the way, you'll hear Ryan being called by his real name in this tape but keep it a secret, ok?

This camera gives us our first look at the performers. Jason starts off stroking on the bed when Ryan, a trick he's invited over for a little rendezvous, walks in. They're into it…with Jason sucking on Ryan's cock…when Jason's boyfriend, Will, discovers them. Will is upset, Jason is caught and Ryan just wants to have fun.

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The BandW Cam:

The second camera tapes in black and white and is at the foot of the bed, giving us a new angle on the action. This camera has a better mic and the models’ talk is fun to listen to, but then Jason turns on the stereo and guess where the speaker is...right next to the camera's mic, so the music drowns out much of the sound…but when the music is low the sound is good.

This is the same session from a new angle. Will decides to join in the fun, so an illicit encounter becomes an eager three-way. The boys move through a number of different positions, finding each other's hot spots and sucking cock like crazy. Ryan and Jason's smooth bodies are a nice contrast to Will's slightly hairier one.

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The Hand Cam:

The third camera for this session is a handheld Palmcorder. It's small, so Jason can get in close on the action and you can see everything up-close and personal. It's a VHS-C machine, though, so the tape quality is a little grainy and the sound is a little muddy…but overall, it's better than the last two for hearing what's actually going on.

Again, this is the same session, but from a ''personal'' perspective. Ryan is the first to fuck in this three-way as he slides his cock in and out of Jason's willing ass until Jason pops a big load on his own tummy. Then Ryan's legs are in the air for Will, who pumps his uncut cock in the trick's butt until both of them shoot off. The great thing about the Hand Cam is that when it's shower time…time to clean up after a hot and heavy session…Jason can take the camera right into the shower as all three of these guys get soapy and wet. They lather up to get all the cum off of their bodies. That's Jason's first movie and that's a wrap!

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Making Movies #1

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