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Homo Houseboys


This 19yo straight boy was my houseboy for about 6 month in 1998. He was a gorgeous little imp who spent too much time living on the edge. Before it was all over, he had stolen money from my wallet and ''borrowed'' my brother-in-law's car. When I suspected him of stealing money, I set up a camcorder to watch him. He was the inspiration for my voyeuristic hidden camera kink. One morning I awoke to find him sleeping, fully clothed, on my sofa. I got a devious little idea. I moved the camera to watch the couch; I put a straight porno video on the TV and left. I called the house from my car to make sure he woke up and I figured he'd see the twink, get excited and whack off all right in front of the camera...and he did exactly that. Remember, hidden cameras are usually less clear than regular camera footage.

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Jason and JB:

This 20 year old, redheaded gay-boy was my houseboy for eight months in 1999 and 2000. He was an over-sexed nymphomaniac who provided me with lots of good video sessions, mostly when he knew about it, but sometimes when he didn't. I would often set up a small camera in the bathroom to watch the models as they showered after their video sessions. This is one of those tapes. Jason the houseboy (JC) and Jason the model (JB) had just finished taping a hot video session and, almost as an after-thought, JB decided to take a shower and clean up before heading home. JC heard the water running and bounced into the bathroom to join him. Together JB and JC got all lathered up and rinsed off. There's no actual sex in this clip, but it is a voyeur's delight, nonetheless. Enjoy!

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Jason and Rexx:

As you know, Jason worked as my houseboy and as a cameraman. One model he interviewed was a cute sailor boy named Rexx. He's 26 years old, but could easily pass for a couple of years younger. During the interview, Rexx tells Jason all about his first gay experience when he was 15 years old. As Rexx strips off, his smooth body and his big uncut cock turn Jason on. As the skin slides up and down, Jason makes plans to get his lips around it...and he succeeds. Rexx's moans and ''oh yeah’s'' are breathless testimony to Jason's expert technique. Rexx and Jason trade blow jobs back and forth before Jason puts the camera on the tripod so it can watch as he fucks Rexx's humpy ass. Rexx blows his load on Jason's face and Jason squirts off on his own red-haired tummy.

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Jason, Jon and Mike:

These two lads are here to make sure Jason The Nympho gets some satisfaction. Good luck! You might call this session ''Two Bottoms Force Themselves On a Top.'' Jon and Mike are roommates and occasionally they find a third guy to join in on their fun. My houseboy, Jason, was their pick for this encounter. Jon is quick to get Jason's pants down and to get his lips wrapped around Jason's rock hard cock, while Mike spend more time chewing on Jason's nipples and swapping spit with my redheaded houseboy. The positions all flip-flop around, though, so they both get turns swinging on Jason's pretty, pink boner. Mike gets Jason's cock up his ass in a nice, long fuck scene then the three boys fall back onto the bed, side-by-side, and jerk themselves to creamy orgasms.

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Dueling Houseboys:

Shawn was my houseboy for about a year in 1998 and 1999, but he got into some trouble with the law (a little wacky weed), so we had to let him go. For the longest time, I wanted to see Shawn in a video session…and then one day he calls me up (he needs rent money) and all my fantasies come true.

Shawn brought over his roommate, Brian then Jason and his friend Will joined in to make a hot four-way houseboy sex session. They started off in their own little couples, Will fucking Jason and Shawn fucking Brian, but they eventually join forces and swap partners so that Will fucks Brian and Jason fucks Shawn. That's what I really wanted to see…Shawn getting plugged by Jason's big cock. I wish that part lasted longer, but Shawn was so turned on by it that he shot his load soon after Jason started pumping his ass. Everyone gets off big and everyone has a fucking great time!

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Homo Houseboys

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