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Cisco Fucks Everyone

Cisco Fucks Rey:

Cisco is a 28-year-old mixed-race Cuban here in America visiting his 19yo Puerto Rican friend, Rey. When Rey puts the moves on Cisco, he gets more than he bargained for; Cisco's 9'' long curved cock is more than ready for action. Rey can hardly get his mouth around that Latin cock but he does his best to pleasure his visiting comrade.

When these two hot Latinos move to the bed, Rey finds out what Cisco really likes…fucking ass! Rey's tight Latino ass is invaded by Cisco's rod in almost every position. First, Rey sits on the Cuban pole, then he lets Cisco fuck him from behind, then they do it on their sides and finally Cisco pile drives Rey's hole. They both shoot big loads, Rey from his uncut Latino cock and Cisco from his mammoth dark pole.

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Cisco Fucks Dana:

Rey is a good friend and fixes Cisco up with three of his buddies. The first is a tall, black Navy boy named Dana. The two of them start off in the shower, where Dana can demonstrate his favorite pastime; sucking big cocks…the bigger the better. Cisco has just what this cock-hound needs most; a long, hard, thick cock in need of sucking. Cisco does a number on Dana's hard, black pole, too.

After the shower, these dark-skinned studs move into the bedroom for more hot action. Dana continues his cock worship in a steamy 69 session, but Cisco need to get into that tight Navy butt to get his nut…and that's just what he does. Cisco fingers a handful of lube up Dana's butt then fucks him on his side and from behind before they both shoot big loads on Dana's cock and tummy.

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Cisco Fucks Royal Dee:

The next guy Rey hooks Cisco up with is another Navy buddy, Royal Dee. Dee is a hot black dude with a tight ebony body and a cock almost as big as Cisco's. As they strip down, Dee can't wait to get his lips on the hot Cuban sausage and he's going down on Cisco before the clothes even hit the floor. They move through several different sucking positions until Cisco finds Dee's sweet spot...his ass!

Dee's ass is his pride and joy and he's only really happy when a big fast cock is plowing his hole. Cisco let's him have it good here. After he fingers some lube into that hole, he pushes his big boner into the tightness and fucks him good and hard. Dee needs more, though, so he pushes Cisco back and sits down on the massive pole and fucks himself hard with Cisco's cock. Both guys get off big time!

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Cisco Fucks Tony:

The last friend that Rey sends Cisco’s way is Tony, a cute young Asian boy. He has a small, tight, smooth body and a small, uncut cock that almost disappears next to Cisco's 9'' rod; but Cisco worships the boy none-the-less. He takes him into his large, dark hands and does everything possible to pleasure the Asian lad, sucking his cock and fingering his ass until Tony can't take it any more.

When he's sure that Tony is flying high with good feelings, he starts to think of his own feeling and his raging cock…eager to get into the sweet Asian asshole. It's a struggle, but Cisco gets his bone up Tony's ass and gives the guy a fucking he won't soon forget. Tony gets off first then Cisco shoots his last big load before returning to Cuba.

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Cisco Fucks Everyone

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