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Home Town Guys


Smooth Moves

114 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: I had big hopes for Nino when he showed up on my doorstep. He was young, smooth, tight, cute, and cocky. He was boned up right from the beginning and, even though he ''said'' he was a straight guy, he put on a great ass-show. He has the kind of street-tough look you find in many ''doing the straight-boy'' fantasies and he's very easy to watch. However, even though he stayed rock-hard the whole time, it became clear that Nino was not going to pop his nut. After shooting more than 45 minutes of tape he finally gave up. I selected the best from that session for this video. I really wanted to see him pop but we'll just have to dream about it instead.
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Michael Starr Gets Fucked

89 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: When Josh gets into his groove he hammer's Michael like a crazy-man. Michael is pinned, face-down on the bed, while Josh relentlessly pistons in and out of Michael's ass. Michael takes everything Josh has to offer and, even though you can't see his face, you know he's smiling from ear to ear. Michael really loves getting his face covered in cum and Josh lets him have a big load, then Michael squeezes out his own load onto his own abs and shaft and balls.
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Bears Jacking and Fucking

94 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Ever since these two appeared in the threeway in Jae, Jack and Chase more than two years ago, I've been trying to get them together for a duo session...but their schedule just never meshed. I was about to give up but tried one last time...and bingo! Sexy, mature, and furry, Jack Hammer is the sex machine his name implies. Chase is a non-stop sex pig and the perfect partner for Jack. Together they spent a horny afternoon of non-stop kissing, jacking, sucking, rimming, and fucking. You're gonna need an extra bottle of lube while you watch this sweaty session!
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Lui Terra Gets Fucked Again

88 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Lui has always been an eager Latino bottom boy, but here he so rushed to get into Jae's pants that he doesn't even have time to take his own clothes off. Lui fishes Jae's thick black cock out of his jeans and chows down on that dark meat. Eventually Jae get's Lui's clothes off and they move to the bed for some hot ass action. Lui likes his ass fingered and rimmed and fucked and Jae is there to do it all. Jae is sitting on Lui's face getting ass rimmed good when Jae pops a load all over Lui's chest. Just moments later, Lui adds to the creamy mess with his own jetting jizz. Lui is iced like a cupcake and lovin' it. A quick shower wraps up the session.
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Josh Morris Exposed

88 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: You know Chase, he's all about getting naked and getting as much hot sweaty sex as he can find; subtle is not in his vocabulary. Josh is a little calmer, a little more romantic, if you like. So, this session kind of see-saws between the two and it makes for a sexual rollercoaster ride you're sure to enjoy. Along with all the usual fun, Chase gives Josh a world-class rim job and Josh give Josh some deep fucking before filling his mouth with his load of cum. Chase whacks off to an intense climax and the two share a nice relaxing shower to finish the session.
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Hookups #16: Max On Top

74 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Max and Brocke start off with some eager oral action with each of them trying their best to get a mouthful of meat. As the session progresses, Brocke shows how good he is at giving head and Max gives him a rim job that has Brocke moaning out loud. Max pumps Brocke in a hard fuck first bent over the bed then on his back with his legs in the air that leaves both men sweaty. Max unloads a heavy load of jizz in Brocke's face then Brocke pounds himself to creamy climax.
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Hookups #15: Johnny On Top

96 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Johnny and Parker start making out on the couch where Johnny whips out his LONG cock and feeds it to Parker. Then they take the action to the bedroom. Johnny just loves eating a nice ass and he was all over Parker's butt. Yummy! Lots of rimming and fingering and cocksucking and foreskin chewing lead to some great deep fucking as Parker takes all of Johnny's cock in all sorts of different positions. Two fabulous cum shots, one of them a very messy facial wrap up this hot session.
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