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Smooth Moves

Bryan Gage

Bryan has a ''thing'' for underwear as he shows when he drops his pants to reveal a colorful pair of briefs that accentuates his meat. And what a nice piece of meat he has a mouthful of curvy uncut juicy goodness. He talks a little about his early exploits, his dabbling with women, and his love of sucking cock and getting fucked. He delivers a big loud load of cum then hits the showers.

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Jay Esco

This 24 year old carries himself like a much younger guy thanks to his colorful underwear and his hip-hip jaw-line beard. Under the clothes, though, he's a smoothie, from his naturally hairless torso to his shaved-short bush. He talks about his first time doing porn and his first sexual encounters while stroking his cock. He's a quiet, friendly, sexy young man who squeezes out a load of spunk you're gonna wanna taste.

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John Stone

This 21yo jock has a smooth tight body, and nice bubble butt, and a nice cock in a trimmed bush. He's not coy about his reason for doing this naked-on-camera stuff, he wants the money. He talks a little about another porn flick he did, about the huge cock he sucked when he was younger, and whacks off a load. A steamy shower wraps up his session.

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Dick Givemore

For a middle-aged guy, Dick has a very nice body a firm smooth chest, pumped up tattooed biceps, and a nice cock in a furry bush. He tells me about the hot three-way session he had the day before while stroking up his cock. Lots of blowjobs, rim jobs, and fucking wish I could have filmed that! The story really gets him going and soon his cock is spitting out a creamy load. Off to the shower to cool down.

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Mark Rush

Mark is a hot and cocky smoothie from the top of his shaved head, past his tattooed pecs, and down to the base of his trimmed prick. You'd need a scorecard to keep track of all the sex he's had in just the last few months. There are a few sound glitches in this session must have had a bad miniDV tape but it's a great stroke off session you're gonna watch over and over just to hear Mark's great sex stories. After popping his nut he licks up all his cum then hits the showers.

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Dillon and Lui Terra: Outtake from Lui Terra Gets Fucked

When I edited ''Lui Terra Gets Fucked'' two years ago there was a great segment of cock sucking and ass eating that just didn't fit in the flow of the finished video. I took it out of that film and saved it to use at just the right time well, here it is. There's no cum shot here, but there's some great close-up shots of Lui sucking Dillon's stiff cock then Dillon rolls over and Lui licks and finger's Dillon's smooth ass. You're gonna love this!

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Nino Ferrari: He Tried

I had big hopes for Nino when he showed up on my doorstep. He was young, smooth, tight, cute, and cocky. He was boned up right from the beginning and, even though he ''said'' he was a straight guy, he put on a great ass-show. He has the kind of street-tough look you find in many ''doing the straight-boy'' fantasies and he's very easy to watch. However, even though he stayed rock-hard the whole time, it became clear that Nino was not going to pop his nut. After shooting more than 45 minutes of tape he finally gave up. I selected the best from that session for this video. I really wanted to see him pop but we'll just have to dream about it instead.

That's It Folks!
This is probably the last video you'll see from Home Town Guys. The economic downturn forced me stop my frequent trips to Florida and I had to rent out my Florida condo to make ends meet. It was a great adventure that I'll never forget and I hope that you ve been enjoying the fun along with me. Let me offer my thanks to everyone who helped along the way, from my friend, The Colonel at AmateurVideoz who rescued me from the Bible Belt, to my almost-brother, Johnny Miles at Horndawgz Productions who edited these last six videos, to you, the customers around the world. Thanks and happy jacking to one-and-all!

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Smooth Moves

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