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Dawgz At Play: Rocky and Dakota

46 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: It's been months since Rocky had a good piece of ass. When he met Dakota, the sparks really flew. The tattooed hottie turned into a sweet manchild in Dakota's arms. There are some surprisingly tender moments between Rocky and the beefy, strawberry blonde. Dakota takes Rocky's skullfucking before giving his ass up for Rocky to tear into his hole.
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Dawgz At Play: Mathew and Rocky

49 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Mathew James has invited Rocky Coxxx over for a full-body massage. The two wind up turning each other on so much that the massage turns into a hot suck and fuck session. Noisy dick slurping turns to some sloppy hole munching with Rocky working his fingers deep inside Mathew. After spreading Mathew open, Rocky pounds the tight, pink hole all over the massage table before both men wind up side-by-side and cumming on their bellies. This is one massage with a very happy ending!
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Dawg Day Afternoon #2

61 Minutes...Mix Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: I walked in and there was Chase, hungry and waiting for dick. He sucked my cock for a while, then I filmed him jerking off for a bit, fingering himself. But then, still hungry for more cock, Chase fed on some more of my meat while he kept jerking himself off. I shot off on Chase's tongue and shortly after he shot a load of his own.
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Dawg Eat Dawg

51 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: After a fantastic filming experience with both Rocky C. and Jesus, we thought perhaps it would be fun to get the two of them together; even though they are both tops. They were both agreeable and when they met, there was quite a spark! These two went at each other like a pair of wild dogs, jerking off, sucking each other's cocks and eating each other's holes. They proved that, although they were both tops, they could still have fun and still get off. That's what happens when Dawg is willing to eat Dawg!
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Dawg Day Afternoon

54 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Johnny goes online to see what kind of trouble he can find. On a popular fetish site, he finds Stevie G., who has been lusting after Johnny's ripe, unwashed cock for nearly a year. Johnny invites Stevie over and the Dad eagerly devours Johnny's thick, uncut, dirty, unwashed cock. He even tells Johnny how next time, he wants it funky with cheese! After some sucking and pit licking, Stevie takes Johnny's cock raw, when the two get into some bareback fucking. But the load was meant for Stevie's mouth and Johnny gladly delivers a nice one onto the man's tongue. Can you say, ''Happy Sleaze Pig?''
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Stray Dawgz

122 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: The first Stray Dawg to enter our yard is Ethan. If you're into tall men with big cocks, huge balls and red hair, you'll love Ethan. He's a musician and disc jockey at a local club here in Fort Lauderdale. Watch as Ethan settles back with some classic, old-style porn; you can hear it in the background as he cranks out a nice load for you. And pay special attention to his bouncing balls; they're mesmerizing! Makes you wanna get right down in between his legs and try to pop those fuckers into your mouth!
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