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Dawg Eat Dawg

Dawg Eat Dawg is about two top horndawgz who prove that, sometimes, you don't need a bottom to get off provided you can eat each other out!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Rocky C. came in for a solo via an ad we placed on Craig's List. We didn't lay down many ground rules but the ones we did, were followed to the letter. We were impressed by that. When we saw his pics, we were even more impressed; by his cuteness, the ink covering his body and his piercings. Plus, this young man has the most amazing sac we've seen in a very long while! Rocky, who is as comfortable sucking cock as he is eating pussy, was very professional when he came in. Then, as he really got into his solo, he treated us to quite a show before ending with a tasty cum shot. We hope you enjoy viewing Rocky C. as much as we enjoyed filming him.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Jesus Gutierez was one of those models you dream about, or hope for, but rarely get. First off, we chatted with him while on a popular hook-up site. It wasn't long before he let us know how much he enjoyed being watched. Naturally, with his amazing smile, the awesome ink and that fat cock, we just had to oblige. So we scheduled him for a duo with a hot Canadian traveling through Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, the Canadian was unable to make it at the last minute. However, we took advantage of Jesus being here and shot a solo instead.

Very little time elapsed from the moment he walked through the door to when he stripped down. We were quite impressed with his uncut, Cuban cock and, again, an amazing pair of balls! This one nearly put Rocky to shame! Jesus sat down in our barber's chair and suggested we film him there, rather than outside, as we had originally planned. Hey, when they have a dick like that, you'll say yes to practically anything! Jesus kicked back, stroked that big cock and gave us quite a thrill with his bouncing, slapping balls. In fact, you can hear them pounding the leather on the chair from the intensity with which he stroked his thick, fleshy dick.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

After a fantastic filming experience with both Rocky C. and Jesus, we thought perhaps it would be fun to get the two of them together; even though they are both tops. They were both agreeable and when they met, there was quite a spark! These two went at each other like a pair of wild dogs, jerking off, sucking each other's cocks and eating each other's holes. They proved that, although they were both tops, they could still have fun and still get off. That's what happens when Dawg is willing to eat Dawg!

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Dawg Eat Dawg

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