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Dawg Day Afternoon #2

Dawg Day Afternoon 2: Same Dawg, Different Day, documents Johnny Miles in another Point-Of-View movie. This time, Johnny spends his afternoon playing with two new horndawgz just before he's supposed to be on a plane for a trip to Brooklyn!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Having seen Dawg Day Afternoon, Chase contacted me through our friends at AMVC. We got to talking and he persuaded me to let him suck my cock. He said he was the best man to open up with for my next Point-Of-View movie because he loved the way my dick looks. Never one to turn down a good cocksucker, I said yes. Only problem was our schedules. It took a while for us to hook up but we did, eventually. Around noon on the day I was scheduled to leave for Brooklyn.

I walked in and there was Chase, hungry and waiting for dick. He sucked my cock for a while, then I filmed him jerking off for a bit, fingering himself. But then, still hungry for more cock, Chase fed on some more of my meat while he kept jerking himself off. I shot off on Chase's tongue and shortly after he shot a load of his own.

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: This scene has music that was playing in the background when I got to Chase's house. It was not used as a soundtrack and was not the Camera Man, or Studio's, intention to infringe upon any copyright laws.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Bryan Holiday answered an ad we placed on Craig's List. However, I received his pictures the night before I was scheduled to leave for New York. Knowing that Chase was going to suck my cock the following day, I thought it would be impossible to meet with Bryan. I would be cutting it too close and could miss my flight. I almost said no too; but I really liked his dick. Plus he was one of those beefy, burly type of daddies I could really sink my cock into.

I didn't want to wait until I got back so I figured, what the fuck? I wrote Bryan and said the only way we could meet him was if he let himself in, stripped down and waited for me on the stairs. Amazingly, he agreed and I was greeted to a fun surprise when I came home! Bryan jerks off, I suck him a bit and he then pulls out his vacuum pump. Knowing I like a beefy ass, Bryan shows me his, plays with his own hole, and we then take it downstairs where he proceeds to get me hard with that awesome mouth of his. But once he got a taste, Bryan decided he wanted me to fuck him for a bit. Which I did; gladly!

I didn't get to cum in this scene. I was too nervous about missing my flight, plus Chase made me pop earlier. That's why I focused on Bryan's load rather than mine.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

I was sitting on the plane en route to New York when I started thinking about the events of the afternoon. Wishing I could have boned Bryan for a bit longer and maybe shoot a load on his hole, or inside him, I started to get hard. So, after the plane took off, I went straight for the restroom, pulled out the camera and started filming!

It's a bit jumpy as there were some bumps along the way. I also couldn't take out the airplane engine noise without actually making the scene a silent one; which I didn't want to do. But I did shoot my load. Does that make me an Honorary Member to the Mile High Club?

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

After I got to Brooklyn and chatted with my mom, I settled in for the night. I slept in my old room, which I shared with my brother. In fact, the same bunk beds are still there! It was kind of weird but I kept thinking about Chase and Bryan. So, I pulled the computer out, propped the camera up between the mattress of the bunk bed above me and one of the wood boards, and filmed myself jerking off while watching the footage I had taken earlier.

I had to be quiet because the walls in my mom's apartment are paper thin. In fact, you can hear all the traffic coming through the window. I had to bite my tongue to keep from groaning when I came since mom's such a light sleeper. The movie is darker than I would have liked. In fact, the only way for me to make it look visible was to convert the footage to sepia tone and blow out the contrast and exposure. The result is a bit artsy but at least you can see what I'm doing.

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Dawg Day Afternoon #2

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