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Black Guys Video: Auditions #1

Black Guys Video is an offshoot of Home Town Guys and we've worked with more than a hundred models over the years. On this film you'll see the screen tests of some of our sexiest Black guys. Watch these hotties as they appear on camera for the very first time.


Here is a smooth-bodied young man with a wicked curve to his dick. We shot this film while he was in his senior year of high school. He later went on to do a solo session for us and we'll feature that film in the near future.

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This 23-year-old has a smooth, toned body that you're gonna drool over. You'd never guess that he used to be a 225lb chubby dude. He talks about his first sex with a guy when he was 19 years old and whacks off a juicy load.

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Here's a 21-year-old Navy dude. He's TALL, skinny and horny 24 hours a day. Dana went on to do a number of sessions for us. You can see two of his sessions on Brotha's On The Down Low #2.

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Royal Dee

At 29 years old, Royal Dee is the oldest guy on this film and he's one hot looking dude. His head is shaved smooth and his body is smooth, too. Royal Dee was featured in Cisco Fucks Everyone taking Cisco's long cock up his ass.

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Here's another military man. He was 20 years old when we did this session. He talks about his first gay encounter in a mall bathroom and his first boyfriend. He watched a lot of porno tapes before jacking out a load. There is a very brief pixilation glitch in this scene.

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Remember my mentioning Cisco and Royal Dee? Well, here's the other half of that pair. He's 28 years old and hung very nicely with a banana-shaped cock. He talks about a bisexual three-way he was involved in while he jerks off for the camera.

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This 22-year-old young man is hard right from the get-go. His compact body has a lightly furred chest and tummy and smooth, tight bubble butt. He lubes up his cock and grasps it in a tight grip as he jacks off while playing with his nipples.

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This 24-year-old dude has a very lightly haired body and a nice uncut cock. He's known he was gay since he was in elementary school, but didn't loose his virginity until he was 18 after he met up with an Army guy.

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Here's a 22-year-old straight guy that just loved the gay videos he was watching during his audition. His cock got hard immediately and he shot his wad after only a few minutes of whacking off. Another solo of him will be featured in an upcoming film.

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Cory's another 18 year old. He looks a lot like ''Urkle,'' a TV sitcom character from the 90's. He's got a smooth, skinny body and a double handful of totally virgin cock. Cory is very outgoing and he talks a lot in this audition before covering his body in a creamy load of cum.

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Black Guys Video: Auditions #1

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