Burning Passion

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (AP) – The flames of passion cost a former firefighter $200 after he and his then-girlfriend had sex in upscale house that was still under construction.

Former Hanahan firefighter Paul Joseph Sloan, 25, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a single charge of unlawful entry into an enclosed place.

Police arrested the two in September while investigating a suspicious fire in the home two days after the tryst.

The investigation turned toward the couple after Sloan told police they would find his DNA in the house because the couple wanted to be the first to have sex “in the mansion,” according to an investigating officer.

The woman, 20-year-old Courtney Michelle King of Summerville, will appear in court later.

The couple was originally charged with burglary – defined as unlawfully entering a building with the intent to commit a crime. Police contended the crime in this case was fornication.

Prosecutors decided not to pursue that charge or the burglary charge.

The misdemeanor charge of fornication – sex between an unmarried man and women – is still on the books in South Carolina, although the state Supreme Court has ruled the law unconstitutional.

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