Don’t Stroke! Vote! Says CFS

October 24, 2006 — Immediate Release
Contact: Keith Griffith – 866-410-2377

Owners of the gay website, Cruising For Sex, will announce this week plans to shut down all their websites for a full day on Election Day in a campaign they’re calling “Don’t Stroke! Vote!” November 7, 2006 is the day for mid-term elections in the United States and all 435 House seats, 33 Senate seats, and 36 governorships are up for grabs.

“We want to encourage site visitors to stop stroking on this one day and instead devote their spare time to voting,” said company founder Keith Griffith. “It is also not missed on us the not so subtle message to site visitors that the future of porn in the USA is on the line. Taking porn offline is an intention of the current Bush administration and this is being backed by laws from Congress.”

Griffith said he was not aware of similar plans by other websites but the decision to make this public 2 weeks ahead of the election is done in hopes that other webmasters will take similar action. “This could be a truly meaningful grassroots action to draw attention to what is at stake in the USA. Porn is at risk as an industry,” stated Griffith. “All our freedoms, not just the right to earn a living making adult entertainment, are in grave jeopardy right now and no freedom-loving citizen can afford to sit out this election.”

Sites going offline for this one day campaign include:

CFS websites have been online for 10 years and while some sites are membership driven, the majority of the content is free and is advertiser supported. “We want to thank our advertisers for being supportive of our actions,” stated Griffith. “After all, site visitors will not see the usual banners that direct them to purchase various adult products.”

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