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Stroking Straight Fratboys 'Til They Squirt

116 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: This 19-year-old FratBoy is a cute punk with smooth skin, very little body hair and a boned woodie from the beginning. His cock points straight up right through his boxers. You caress his nipples, chest, tummy and you enjoy giving his cock soft strokes until it shoots up into the air while Ken moans in ecstasy.
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Stripping, Stroking, Licking And
Sucking Unaware FratBoys

116 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Clyde decided to go to a university four states away from his girlfriend, Bonnie, and he is so horny…it's been over a month since he's gotten any! Well, you decide to offer him some relief, even though he's passed out after the party. You open up his shirt, pull down his pants and with ease, you get him hard as a ROCK. You lick and suck on it, stroking it as you notice the gobs of pre-cum that ooze out of the slit. Nice! (Tasty too...) Your efforts are generously rewarded as his hard dick spurts cum high into the air. Another job well done!
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Stroking Two FratBoys and Two FratBoys Stroking

96 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Sneaking up on unsuspecting Gay for pay FratBoys is my specialty and Tom was a fun guy to work on. Even when he was Gay for pay, I could sense he was helping me by pumping his hips while I was pumping his cock. I got a good taste of that cock, too. Wait until you see Tom's colossal nocturnal emission!
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FratBoy Days: The Best Of Sean Storm

110 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Back in Paris, Sean sits on a bench in front of the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysées. He says he needs a boy to teach him French. Back in his room, a hot, well-built French boy gives Sean a hot French lesson; teaching him the parts of the body…through language, tongue and touch. Before you know it, these two guys are stripping, stroking, sucking and fucking like rabbits…until each one of them shoots copious loads of sperm all over Sean! After their hot sex session, Sean and his new French teacher, Pierre, frolic like kids in the shower; dicks hanging and flopping as they soap each other down and spray each other off.
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New Frat Brothers Get Hand Jobs #6

100 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Tommy just joined the Frat House at the young, fresh age of 18. He is blond, smooth, hung and has a constant hard on. While he is resting, you get to feel him up, tickle his nipples, trace his happy trail with your finger…all before you gently put your hand into his boxers to discover his hard, generous prick; which you stroke in several positions until it spews forth youthful boy-cum in several different directions…spraying everywhere!
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8 More New Fratboys Get Hand Jobs

118 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Seth is a Santa Barbara surfer boy and a freshman in the Fraternity at 19 years old. He is tall and lean, yet as your hand feels him up while pulling down his Old Navy board shorts, you discover a HUGE masterpiece; 8 1/2 inches of big, fat, juicy cock! As you caress his nipples, tickle his balls and stroke his big member, his face squints and he groans in pleasure until the reward comes shooting out; all over his belly and even a generous glob onto his arm!
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