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8 FratBoys Get Hand Jobs

98 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: One things FratBoys do is drink too much. Gay for pay FratBoys, however, can be horny in their dreams; and your hand can help them out by get them off while they THINK it's nothing but a dream. Watch these eight dream-boys getting off, including the FratBoy that started it all. See nearly every cum shot from two different camera angles...up close and full body and face!
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FratBoys #12: Strokin', Stroked, Sucked, Spooge!

120 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Now you're gently pulling off his jeans and you take out his manhood. It reacts positively to the gentle and arousing attention you give it, so you douse it with some baby oil and stroke it up and down. Man, it's so HARD now! But oops...he's waking up! You withdraw and hide, and watch him as he finishes the job… resulting in multiple squirts.
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FratBoys Video #10

110 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: These hot Frat Brothers have pulled the hotel room's double beds together so they could all relax side by side. When they wake up, horny like all young men usually are, they start stroking off and bragging to each other about their first sexual experiences and conquests. Throbbing cocks and tight balls are soon appearing everywhere as the action escalates.
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FratBoys Video #9

117 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Sean is a bottom-boy, so when Pierre starts to finger fuck him he's happy; but when Pierre shoves that big French cock up his ass he is just ecstatic! Pierre fucks Sean on his knees, on his side and on his back with his legs high in the air. They finish off by jerking themselves to powerful orgasm that covers Sean in two loads of hot fuck-juice.
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FratBoys Get Hand Jobs #1

116 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: An early morning stretch and a casual grope of his crotch is Scotty's usual way to wake up; but today he also gets FB's wandering hand to give a little extra ''rise and shine'' to his morning. Scotty's slender prick fits nicely in FB's hand as it slides up and down between his gripping fingers. FB's motions get faster and faster and his grip gets tighter and tighter until finally Scott's overworked cock bursts with a long-shooting blast of cum.
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Fratboy Videos #5

111 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Mop-topped Andrew and dark haired Doug are two Frat buddies getting together to have a little fun for the camera. They start out all shy, but soon they loosen up a bit and the clothes start to disappear and hands start to wander. Before long these two hotties are doing on camera what they've only done late at night…in secret, in their Frat House rooms. Naked now, Andrew and Doug stroke each other's cocks and then Doug breaks the ice big-time by going down on Andrews hard dick. Well, that just opens the floodgates and the guys trade blowjobs like crazy. This gets them both really hot and they lean back to stroke themselves off to powerful, simultaneous orgasms.
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FratBoy Video #3

120 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: We catch this young man getting undressed and hopping into the bath. Once there, Todd can't resist lathering up his pubes and stroking his cock. Todd's friend, Adam, comes in and joins him in the tub for some bath-time fun. Together they soap up and jerk off. First they do themselves and then each other. Adam and Todd move from the bath into the bedroom and jerk each other off some more before they each take turns going down on the other guy's cock. Finally it's cum time and they stand in front of the mirrored wall so they can both splatter their cum on their reflections and watch as the sperm runs down the glass.
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FratBoy Video #2

88 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: The two party-hardy college boys have just gotten back from a Frat Bash and they're pretty toasted. They're also very horny and in no time flat they've whipped out their ample cocks and are jerking each other off. The clothes fly off leaving two hot young smooth boys, horny and ready to get down. Jonah is first to taste cock as he slides his lips up and down Ethan's hard uncut shaft. But Ethan is cock-hungry too so he's all over Jonah's prick, sucking like a mad man. The cameraman gets hold of Ethan's uncut cock and makes sure we get lots of good foreskin shots too. These hotties finish up in nearly simultaneous explosions of cum all over Ethan's smooth torso.
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