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FratBoys #12
Strokin', Stroked, Sucked, Spooge!

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Wow...Benjamin, who recently turned 18, is so cute! Check out that boyish face and smooth body. This lean Canadian FratBoy from Montréal has a nice piece of uncut man meat! The two different cameras catch all of the best of Benjamin's attributes. Ben is jacking off in a comfortable chair, and positions himself in such a way that you are treated to close-up shots of his smooth balls and the smooth line leading down to his smooth hole; which twitches to the strokes he performs on himself. Before you know it, this cutie from Montréal can't hold back anymore and lets loose...all over! It drips down to his balls and further south as he catches his breath and leans back, a job well done!
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Hmmm. 20 year old FratBoy Kenny is relaxing, and you've always wondered what his body (and dick) were like, haven’t you? Well, he had a few beers…so there's not too much of a chance he'll wake up...go ahead...feel him up! Ah, what a nice chest and belly...and what a turn-on to grope a Gay for pay FratBoy’s crotch. Before you know it, your heart is beating as you dare to go lift his shirt and caress his smooth skin, concentrating in his nipples. Heck, why not? He seems to be Gay for pay you unbuckle his belt, undo the snap on his jeans and unzip them...zzzzzp! What's this lump? You caress it and tickle it…and it starts to grow. Now you're gently pulling off his jeans and you take out his manhood. It reacts positively to the gentle and arousing attention you give it, so you douse it with some baby oil and stroke it up and down. Man, it's so HARD now! But oops...he's waking up! You withdraw and hide, and watch him as he finishes the job… resulting in multiple squirts.
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Hunter, Marky and Kyle:

Three brand new Frat recruits: Hunter, Marky and Kyle wake up on the bed early one morning; not remembering what happened at the party the night before, but finding themselves on a bed with two naked fraternity recruits with cocks that are already showing signs of life. They wake up one at a time, and begin to stroke their own manhood. Before you know it, hands begin to explore the smooth warm skin of the other two boys. Then lips part and mouths open; the rest is history. It's a cock-sucking, groin humping horny FratBoy ORGY…another rare occurrence at FratBoy amateur videos; most of our boys are too straight to do anything beyond a solo jerk off scene for beer money. Enjoy the two camera action and watch the cum spray in generous loads on all three FratBoys; you decide who wins the cum-award! This is a scene you will rewind and watch over and over again!
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Sebastian, 21, is a brand new member of the Frat this year. He is in excellent shape...smooth, tanned and ripped; and he wants to show you more! So he drops the boxers and hits the shower...where you enjoy a warm soapy introduction to every part of his body, concentrating, of course, on his cute, large uncut member. He dries off and makes himself comfortable on the bed where he pleases himself in between the flashes of the digital camera. Sebastian is naturally smooth just about everywhere, even underneath his balls leading to… When the breathing gets heavier and his knees go up into the air, you know he's gonna shoot a lot, but this huge load is beyond your expectations! The warm sperm hits his face, his shoulder, his hair and everywhere else, with his nice chiseled chest and abs covered in the goo of his pleasure.
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For those of you who like the whole idea of a FratBoy getting stroked by the cameraman, this short clip of J.J. will really turn you on! J.J. stands over the cameraman, who is lying on the floor with a towel over him to catch the evidence...and the cameraman strokes J.J.'s hard dick while he moans in pleasure, squealing as the hot gooey liquid squirts out of his rock-hard prick. But J.J. still has more in him, and after taking a quick snooze, the cameraman feels him up, fingers him (as he moans in pleasure) and jacks him off, welcoming yet another gooey warm load!
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Marc is a bit buffer than the rest of the Frat, but we don't mind! This dark-haired, 23-year-old relaxes in a chair in his boxers and tank top, and before you know it he's caressing himself and his penis begins to grow. His cock eventually pops out of the hole of his Hilfiger's, which he eventually removes. Now Marc is totally nude and aroused, as the sunshine treats us to a generous view of this horny FratBoy. Marc proves how horny he really is by letting the cum fly from his hard cock across his chest and abs. Nice!

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FratBoys #12: Strokin', Stroked, Sucked, Spooge!

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