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Frat Boys Get Hand Jobs #1


This scene starts with Chuck; facing away from the camera while FB comes up from behind and blindfolds him. FB leads the now blindfolded Chuck to the bed where FB lays him down and starts to work him over. FB tugs Chuck’s shirt up and slides his hands into his black briefs. Chuck's cock pokes out of the fly and FB begins to stroke it. We also see FB's own cock every now and then during the session as he jacks himself. Occasionally, you can hear slurping sounds off-camera, as if Chuck is sucking on FB’s cock when it's close enough to his lips. The jacking continues until FB gets a cramp and he lets Chuck finish himself off to an explosive orgasm.

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Young FratBoy Bobby comes into the hotel room, puts a porno on the TV and starts playing with himself until his dick is hard enough to stick through the fly of his polka-dot boxers. FB lends a hand for a while, stroking Bobby's cock and caressing his chest, but Bobby is a little shy so FB lets him take control again. Bobby shows off his ass and FB can't resist reaching in to feel it, too. By the end of the shoot, Bobby has overcome his shyness and FB is stroking him off to an intense orgasm that covers FB's fingers in a thick load of cream.

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This smooth and sexy FratBoy is lounging around in his smiley-faced Joe Boxers when FB begins the session. He diddles Mike's balls as they hang out his leg hole and he pulls Mike's still soft cock out the fly of his boxers. Mike doesn't stay soft long as FB strokes his fat prick and Mike even gets into the act by getting his hand around FB's cock, too. There are lots of gooey, squishy sounds as FB jacks on Mike's oiled-up cock until his spunk boils out the end in a super close-up orgasm.

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Baby-faced FratBoy John and his teddy bear are down for the night, Gay for pay deeply. FB sneaks into the room and with his night-vision camera he starts filming John as he pulls down the covers and plays with John’s dick. FB whips out his own cock and pokes it near John's Gay for pay lips. The lights are on now and FB is openly stroking John’s very long and very hard dick but John is still Gay for pay like a log. It must seem like a wet dream to John when he finally gets his nut.

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An early morning stretch and a casual grope of his crotch is Scotty's usual way to wake up; but today he also gets FB's wandering hand to give a little extra ''rise and shine'' to his morning. Scotty's slender prick fits nicely in FB's hand as it slides up and down between his gripping fingers. FB's motions get faster and faster and his grip gets tighter and tighter until finally Scott's overworked cock bursts with a long-shooting blast of cum.

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Another Gay for pay FratBoy comes under the power of FB's deft fingers in this last session. Tom's mostly smooth body is exposed, piece-by-piece, and his baggy hip-hop pants are opened and then removed to reveal his naked cock. Tom's Latin heritage shows in his dark, thick piece of meat. FB strokes Tom's cock to a rock-hard pole covered in slippery oil. After a nice long session of working on Tom's cock, FB brings Tom off in a spurting orgasm that covers Tom's tummy in cum and leaves him with a smile on his face.

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Frat Boys Get Hand Jobs #1

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