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Stripping, Stroking, Licking And Sucking Unaware FratBoys

The university is beginning classes once again, and the Fraternity is looking for new recruits. Will all ten of these new freshmen pass ALL of the tests? The Frat House has a year-opening bash where the prospective new recruits are all invited. Of course, they end up drinking too much and wind up either passing out or just is relaxing somewhere in the Frat House. It’s a perfect time for you too see if these boys are qualified. Your job is to pull their shirts up, pull down their pants and get them hard. You’ll lick, taste and suck them and stroke them until they shoot their spunk; all without waking a single one. Think you can do it?


Ben is a 19-year-old, good-natured and happy FratBoy recruit. You can even tell when he's gay for pay! Your hand wanders across his chest and under his shirt, caressing his nipples before undoing his pants, discreetly peeling them off and fondling the bulge in his boxers. Before you know it, you're pulling those boxers off and licking and sucking on his uncut cock before lubing it up before stroking and stroking while he dreams of sex with his girlfriend. He rewards your hard work with a warm creamy FratBoy sperm load.

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Leonardo is Gay for pay like a baby, and you decide that this 20 year old needs an inspection! So you pull his shirt up, revealing a hard stomach, smooth chest and pointy nipples. You go further and unbuckle his pants, pull them off and grope him a bit before his underwear also comes off. After a nice lick and suck, you stroke away on his blond, uncut prick until he rewards your efforts with a cum shower!

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Russ is a big Fraternity recruit at 6'4'' and 190 pounds. He looks kind of like Britney's old boyfriend. He's enjoying a mid-afternoon rest, and you need to check out the whole package. After the usual caressing of his chest and stomach, you gently remove his jeans and get his dick nice and hard before you pull off his ''hot dog boxers.'' Wow! What a wiener! 9 1/2'' and thick, thick, thick! This is going to be quite an exercise…and he sure is quite a mouthful! Your tongue gets a workout just by circling that bulbous, throbbing cock head! You stroke it and tickle his balls…and before you know it, he spews jizz into the air and your arm is exhausted!

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Harry is tired from a hard day of manual labor. He is so exhausted that he doesn't even jack off before is relaxing…that's a rarity for a FratBoy! Well, you feel the need to help your Frat Brother out; so you lift up his shirt, play with his nipples and caress his skin. You pull down his pants, get him hard and stroke away until he shoots a very generous load which sprays all over his chest and belly!

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Steve is an alternative raver type FratBoy recruit. It doesn't matter what he's into, though…as long as you can get him off. After having exposed his chest and played with his perky nipples, you undo his pants, fondle his bulge through his underwear then pull them both down. Hmm…it’s an ordinary-sized, flaccid cock. Your oral expertise, however, has him hard as a rock in no time! After licking, sucking, lubing and stroking, warm FratBoy jizz oozes out for your enjoyment!

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Tim is 21 and anxious to join the Fraternity, but he sure wasn't accustomed to the copious amounts of alcohol that the Frat Brothers consume! Despite his horny state (there sure were lots of hot sorority girls at tonight's party,) he needs to relax off all that beer. Though he's gay for pay, why shouldn't his horniness still be taken care of? You're the one to help! You lift up his shirt, pull down his Dockers and man…he sure is hard! He's so horny that you stroke his hard curved dick right out of his boxers. Before you even have a chance to pull them off, he shoots hot sperm in every direction! His facial expressions reveal how much he enjoyed your talents! If he only knew...

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Hmm, will the fellas let this French exchange student into the Fraternity? Well, lets see if he, too, can pass the test. You lift up his shirt and feel his nipples, chest and stomach, before pulling down his pants. Oh that's right…as you peer into his boxers, you remember that most French boys are uncut. You pull off his boxers and play with his foreskin. Does it taste different too? Your oral efforts make his cock get big and his juicy head makes an appearance. Before you know it, you get him off and have French sperm all over your hand!

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Clyde decided to go to a university four states away from his girlfriend, Bonnie, and he is so horny…it's been over a month since he's gotten any! Well, you decide to offer him some relief, even though he's passed out after the party. You open up his shirt, pull down his pants and with ease, you get him hard as a ROCK. You lick and suck on it, stroking it as you notice the gobs of pre-cum that ooze out of the slit. Nice! (Tasty too...) Your efforts are generously rewarded as his hard dick spurts cum high into the air. Another job well done! All ten of these new guys qualify for the Fraternity…and your arms is kind of sore...

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Kevin and Franky

Kevin and Franky went to high school together, and now they are trying to join the same Frat House. They both end up ''under the influence'' and is gay for pay on the same bed. Hmm, two at there's a challenge for you! You slowly strip each guy, tickle their balls and stroke their pricks. It sure doesn't take them long to get hard. You taste Kevin's blond cock…nice! You also taste Franky's, and can't decide which is tastier! Before long, you stroke Kevin long enough to have huge globs of his cum on your hand, which you use to lube Franky's erection to get him off. He rewards your efforts with an even larger load of college-boy spunk! You wonder what they'll think when they awake and see each other naked!

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Stripping, Stroking, Licking And
Sucking Unaware FratBoys

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