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Stroking Straight Fratboys
'Til They Squirt

Straight frat boys get a handjob from the cameraman.


21 year old, blond FratBoy Trent has a lean body, cute boxers and a long prick that you enjoy wanking until it explodes all over your hand and elsewhere.

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This 19-year-old FratBoy is a cute punk with smooth skin, very little body hair and a boned woodie from the beginning. His cock points straight up right through his boxers. You caress his nipples, chest, tummy and you enjoy giving his cock soft strokes until it shoots up into the air while Ken moans in ecstasy.

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Frank is a dark haired 20-year-old FratBoy with a gigantic, uncut prick. You enjoy feeling him up, lifting up his shirt, pulling off his pants, playing with his foreskin and stroking his nice, thick cock, until it finally explodes with all kinds of nice, warm, gooey cum!

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Brandt is a 19 year old, dark blond, blue-eyed cutie who just joined the Frat House. He undresses in front of the mirror before entering his bath. Before you know it, he's gay for pay in his bathtub…it must have been a long, HARD day. You might as well help poor young Brandt out, so you wash his body for him…everywhere, with a nice soapy washcloth and loofa sponge. Haven't you always wanted to help out a naked FratBoy by giving him a nice, soothing, warm bath? Your hand takes liberties, of course; poking gently into his ass while he moans in pleasure and stroking his nice, hard, generous cock. Brandt ends up shooting a nice load straight up into the air.

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22-year-old Roy must have the most interesting cock the Frat House has ever seen. You discover it while groping him as he relaxing. It is long and thick, but twists around and has it’s head face in the opposite direction. You check it out all really close, and your massaging hands discover what it takes to make such a unique, erotic dick shoot spurt after spurt of warm goo…which globs down your hand and drips everywhere.

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We have a fresh new Indian guy in the Fraternity…Keith. He is young at 19 and slender. He’s relaxing, yet visibly horny. You should see the way his boner sticks up into the air, creating a big tent in his boxers before you gently pull them off to stroke him evenly. The room is dark, so the camera light provides just enough light for you to enjoy his young Indian body and his hard-as-a-rock (cut) cock. Nice sperm load at the end! Well done!

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How can Ned relax with the Latino music in the air? He's Gay for pay so soundly that you get to play with his lean swimmers body…nice! He has a rock-hard, lean belly covered with just enough FratBoy fur, nice nipples and accessible waistline. You waste no time sticking your hand down his jeans to check it out. You just can't resist; you pull off his jeans and caress his nicely cut dick through his boxers. OK…that's enough…time for the boxers to disappear! You play with his dick for a few minutes, which very slowly gets bigger and thicker. His balls are ripe and squeezable…not too hard…he might wake up! His dick doesn't get fully hard until you stroke some lotion onto it, then he goes crazy; he starts breathing heavily, like he is having the erotic dream of his life. Before long you coax a generous and gooey orgasm out of this young 19-year-old FratBoy’s dick. You allow the semen drip off your hand and onto his taut stomach and chest. Nice work!

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Ray is 25 and has one of the best, tightest, smoothest muscular bodies (which you uncover) the FratHouse has ever seen! Your finger gently caresses his perky nips, which stand on end as if you were using an ice cube on them. You expose his chest and abs before pulling down his pants, exposing his soft cock…which your talented hand has rock-hard in a matter of minutes. Oops…he starts to wake up, so you step back and let Ray finish the job! He sure puts on a nice show!

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Stroking Straight Fratboys 'Til They Squirt

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