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Stroking Two FratBoys and
Two FratBoys Stroking

This is likely to be the last FratBoys film for a while. I’ve got a new job that puts me right in the middle of Timbuktu and there’s not a Frat House or dorm room within two hundred miles. So, enjoy what might be the last glimpse into my world of horny FratBoys and the wet dreams that weren’t dreams after all.


Sneaking up on unsuspecting Gay for pay FratBoys is my specialty and Tom was a fun guy to work on. Even when he was Gay for pay, I could sense he was helping me by pumping his hips while I was pumping his cock. I got a good taste of that cock, too. Wait until you see Tom's colossal nocturnal emission!

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I’ve had some FratBoys come to me who wanted to get into porn for real. Puerto, a really well hung and sexy Puerto Rican stud, thinks that the ladies really want to see him stripping and jerking off. Well, I'm sure some ladies do want to see him, but I’ll bet a lot more of you guys want to see take a look!

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Here's another one of my Gay for pay FratBoys about to get my special attention. Jason is just as well hung, if not more so, than that sexy Latino in the last scene. Jason's also got long hair, a smooth chest and a tattooed and pierced belly button. His real treasure, the one I really enjoyed to stroking and sucking, lies below the belt. His messy cum shot was a sticky, gooey mess.

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Here’s another of those straight-boy real-porn wanna-be’s. Billy is cute, buff and pumped, plus he has a cock that the ladies would love…but guys, I think you’ll drool over this piece of meat, too. Billy talks about how he makes love to women, but if you want to just turn down the volume a little and watch him jack off to a juice-spurting load, go right ahead! I won't tell anyone.

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This is one of my Gay for pay FratBoy sessions that didn’t go as quietly as I had expected it to. Try as I might with both my hand and my mouth, I just couldn’t get Gabriel's cock to stiffen up. He must have been dreaming about a calculus exam or something. He then woke up while I was doing him…yikes! No worries though, he just reached down, grabbed his own cock and beat off to a nice wet climax.

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Stroking Two FratBoys and Two FratBoys Stroking

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