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Signature Series: Brooks

100 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Brooks oils up his tanned torso and plays with his biceps, pecs and works his way down to his thickening cock and cum filed balls. He enjoys paying with his dick and he gets it rock hard pretty quickly. He stands by the big studio mirror so se can see him from all sides and I must say he looks hot! Back in bed he continues jacking off until he shoots a very thick, very white load all the way up his chest. A big puddle of jizz is splattered on his belly. By the way, he likes the way his cum smells!

Joey's Toy Box

83 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Joey has learned the importance of preparation in paying with his butt so he starts with lube and a finger. It isn t long before he has a vibrator deep in his butt. Note he has skipped the smaller butt plug; he goes straight to the size as he moves from a medium sized vibrator to a larger one. I had talked to him about doing a video where a girl would fuck him with a strap-on and he s intrigued. He takes the strap-on dildo and works on his ass. When he flips over to fuck himself doggy, not how hard he is. Back over on his back, notice how his cock jumps as he fucks his ass. Next he grabs the beer bottle and slides it as deep as it will go. After he has enjoyed the bottle, he squats down on it so we can see just how hard he is. He jerks his cock but has to stop because he s about to shoot. I have him stand up by the mirror to jack his cock and fuck his ass and it is one sexy visual!

Mike Scott, a Man's man

83 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:So we have Mike flat on his back in a sling with his legs in the air, jacking his hard cock oblivious to the attention his ass is getting from my fingers! Nice set up, right? I fuck him with a vibrator to stretch him for a big green cucumber which he takes like a champ. We play with his cock and replace the cuke with a zucchini. The camera moves around the room capturing Mike from different angles before replacing the zucchini with a beer bottle! We slide some huge black latex balls up his ass; fuck him with some other toys before he wants to take a smoke break

Brother's Toy Box 2

83 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Now Austin tells Dustin to stand up and strip and show him what he s got. Dustin strips down to his boxers as Austin watches and then makes his brother do the same. Then they remove their boxers and I have to get them to pose together naked! After they show us every (and I do mean every) part of their body, the brothers start working on their cocks. Dustin is hard in no time and Austin catches up pretty quickly! They start fingering their own ass as they lay side by side working on their hard cocks also. Dustin gets on his knees for easier access to his hole (he has short, stocky arms; t-rex arms as he calls them) then spits on his hand to lube his cock.

Brent's Toy Box 2

83 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:As soon as Brent starts oiling his chest and arms, his cock starts to stiffen just above his ridiculously low hanging nuts. After his cock is rock hard, he takes some lube and starts working it deep into his very talented asshole. I hand him the smaller vibrator from the last shoot as we have to start somewhere! He slides it deep in his hole fucks himself as his cock responds to his thrusts. The next lucky toy to get deep in Brent s ass is the white vibrator followed by the big red butt plug. But things are about to get much more interesting! Brent asks me what I have and tell him some paraphernalia for his ass. He smiles and laughs as he is getting into this shoot! The red plug is like an old friend and he has it in his ass fro quite awhile. He poses with it and humps the sheets and has a good old time until I hand him the infamous beer bottle!

Signature Series: Joey deLuca

125 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Joey comes in the studio dressed in a Latins do it better tank top and jeans. He looks hot and I am glad this 31 year old man has shown up! I ask him some questions to find out more about him and help him relax. He warms up quickly and has a great smile. As I work with Joey, I am taken aback by his handsome good looks and friendly personality. This one is going to be fun!

JackBuddies #88: Austin fucks Ryan

48 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: They retire to the bedroom and Ryan continues his devotion to Austin and his sexy body sucking his dick and eating his ass (which is one of Austin s favorite things. If you ever meet Austin, just whisper in his ear that you want to eat his ass and he s yours!) Austin goes back to Ryan s dick and I ve got to admit he sucks a mean dick; really giving it his all!

Signature Series: Karma

95 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: For his next shot, Karma starts out clothed and slowly strips for us before doing another toy shoot. His pubic hair is shaved, but his pits have gown out. He gets in bed and does a little butt show for us on his stomach and knees before flipping over on his back. He starts fingering his ass and gets it ready for the little butt plug. He poses with his little friend deep in his butt before he moves on to the medium vibrator. He works his way through a large vibrator, a beer bottle before he sits on a life-like latex cock and makes it disappear in his butt. Continuing the fake dick motif, Karma sucks a dildo.

Signature Series: Dru

101 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: CAndrew starts out with a hard dick and a smile. We talk to him for a bit and find out about his military career and his sex life. It s pretty interesting but not as good as seeing him buck-ass naked, so I get him to strip. He stands up and the camera moves in for such a tight close up of his glorious naked body that you can almost touch him. The camera moves down and looks up at his hard dick bobbing in the breeze before he turns around and squats on the lens! His cock is uncut and has a fantastic foreskin. Getting comfortable in bed, Dru starts rubbing his chest working his way down his smooth torso to his hard dick.

JackBuddies 87

94 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Cameron plays with some toys to keep his tight ass flexible. He is already naked and I am amazed how much he has bulked up. I have known him for a few years and he has gone from an average frat boy to a solid, muscular man. After giving us a generous look at his ass he doing some stretching exercises with his tight hole and I can t resist going for the hole. As I finger him, he moans in pleasure and his cock grows rock hard.

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