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Signature Series: Joey deLuca

Scene 1:

Joey comes in the studio dressed in a Latins do it better tank top and jeans. He looks hot and I am glad this 31 year old man has shown up! I ask him some questions to find out more about him and help him relax. He warms up quickly and has a great smile. As I work with Joey, I am taken aback by his handsome good looks and friendly personality. This one is going to be fun!

After the interview, he stands up by the big studio mirror. I can t believe I didnt notice his jeans were ripped and he was going commando! As I am shooting him with video and 35mm, he is so easy to work with; doing everything I ask. And when he drops his jeans, I see we have a treasure here: a big thick cock with a fine natural bush! He looks (and acts so manly) I am really enjoying this one! We see him fore and aft and get to admire his ink and pierced nipples. His cock starts to stiffen and I ask him to get into bed. No matter what I start out to shoot, the camera goes back to his juicy cum-filled balls! As he brings his knees up to his chest, we get the first glimpse at his tight virgin hole which I think he needs to share. So I direct him through a butt shot for the camera. Joey poses with his legs in the air and on his knees doggy style and when he grabs his cheeks and spread, we are treated to some prime butt-hole! I make sure you get to see every inch of this handsome stud s body, and then its time to jack off. Joey plays with his dick, gets it hard using baby oil (oh, baby, baby!!) and goes back to some serious self-abuse. He walks over to the mirror to admire his physique as he plays with his dick and balls. You get a great shot looking up at his cock to his chest and face and again those cum-filled balls are bouncing.

He gets back in bed to finish jerking off and as he gets closer his body tightens showing some unbelievable abs. His face strains and he shoots his load on his tight belly and chest. We see some good close ups of his fat cock and the load he just shot and then he talks a little bit about what he s experienced today and I talk him into showing us his incredible ass one more time before he heads to theshower! What a great day!

Scene 2:

It s a four days later and Joey has already done his first toy shoot (which you can see in Joey s ToyBox to be released soon!) This shoot shows how well he has progressed and you will notice that he is totally relaxed for the camera. He starts with a cleansing enema to ensure freshness. Then we trim his body hair a bit and he takes a soothing shower. As he moves around in the shower with the water glistening off his hunky body, I can t help but admire his beautiful physique and impressive endowment. He moves over to the basin to shave. It s kind of like watching this handsome stud perform his morning routine as we watch from bed after an unforgettable night.

Back in the studio, Joey is smoking one last cigarette before we start. He has a beer nearby. His cock is already hard and as he jerks his dick he tells us about his last shoot where he played with his butt for the first time. He starts fingering his ass and there is a bit of enthusiasm as he remembers how his first anally induced orgasm felt. He works his finger in deep and is soon ready for his old friend, a small butt plug. It slides in his ass easily (what a lucky piece of latex!) as he keeps his fist on his cock. He asks what s next and lubes the silver vibrator before taking it deep in his butt. Joey fucks his ass and jacks his dick before moving on to a long glass dildo. His cock is still rock hard as the 7 toy all but disappears as he fucks his ass with long hard strokes.

Joey takes a smoke break because he was about to cum and there is still a pile of toys for him to use. Getting back to work, he takes a big white vibrator which does it s job very well before he uses the big glass butt plug. Close up shots of the big plug being worked into his ass are hot, and almost get him off. We break again to let the sap run down and then he goes back to the glass plug. It takes him some time and effort to take the whole plug but it s worth it! In a great shot with his hot dick and the glass plug, we can see how dilated his tight hole is! He poses for us standing bending over, doggy style and on his back with his legs up before removing the plug in a tight close up. Next is the bigger red butt plug and he takes it like a champ!

Next is our famous (or infamous!) beer bottle. He has already gone much further than I thought he would. When he pulls the bottle out of his cock his throbbing cock jumps. Ok, he s done the bottle, so now its time for the zucchini. He chats away nonchalantly as he greases the no so small green dildo. He slides all but the last inch or so deep in his hot butt and poses for us looking so hot, I could bust! And the site of this handsome young man legs up, a zucchini sticking out of his ass should make any top shoot! His cock is so hard that when I grab it , it slaps against his belly and pre-cum splashes everywhere! After moving around and posing for us in the big mirror, Joey settles in to seal the deal and jerk off. He plays with his nipple rings and tries some nipple camps and then fucks his ass with the zucchini. Begging fuck me he shoots on his belly. Wow!

Scene 3:

Another four days passes and Joey is back in the studio. We chat a bit about the last shoot and what he s going to do today: eat his own cum! I put a video on for him and as always his cock is rock hard. He jerks it and fingers his butt Joey really gets into his cock as he beats it and beats it before standing up to pose for us and making out with himself in the mirror. After trying to shoot on the glass, Joey gets back in bed and shoots in his hand. Bringing his hand up to his open mouth he licks his jizz and we make plans for another shoot .maybe with another guy?

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Signature Series: Joey deLuca

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