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Joey's Toy Box

Scene 1:

Joey looks comfortable and hot! He s just wearing a pair of cut offs and he stretches out in bed as we talk about his last shoot. Then I ask him is he or anyone else has ever done anything with his ass. Of course the answer is no, and he talks about some girls in the past that tried and got a rough butt-fuck as punishment. So I talk to him about him playing with his own hot ass and he agrees to try!

After he strips, I get him to pas in some classic fuck-me poses so I can imagine what I d see just before moving in for the kill! His cock is already hard so we get right to work ! Joey does some ass exercises to prepare his tight virgin hole. He starts massaging and fingering his hole while he jacks his rock hard cock. He says it feels weird but he doesn t stop so I toss him the small butt plug. He catches it in a typical straight guy style and starts to lube the latex invader. He slides it in his ass slowly and you can tell from his expression how unsure he is about the whole process. Saying he has mixed emotions about the whole thing because it is feeling good, he decides to continue. Juts when he is starting to relax the damn plug pops out! He retrieves it and slides it in again and we get to watch his hard cock bob as he moves around. He gets on his knees so he s getting fucked doggy style. After we get a good view, he pulls the plug out and tries a small vibrator.

His cock stays hard as he jacks off although the vibrator takes a bit of getting used to. It hurts, he says but he doesn t stop! His abs look great as he works his cock and then he flips over to give us another doggy style fuck! Next he s on his side and he looks great in every position!

He jacks his dick and when the groaning starts I know he s close. He shoots on his taut belly and still has the vibrator deep in his butt. He talks to us about the experience and says it was a better orgasm. His cock jumps as he pulls the toy out and then spreads his virgin-no-more hole. He s in a surprisingly good mood and I think he s enjoyed the whole shoot!

Joey heads for the shower and puts on another great, hot sexy show. His cock stays semi hard for the whole shower. He is a born entertainer and the camera loves him! He agrees to come back for some more toys; the camera pans his entire body and he closes with a tight shot of his tight ass!

Scene 2:

A few weeks and shoots later and Joey is an accomplished bottom. He goes at the toys with enthusiasm and loves getting fucked with toys. When we start filming, he is in bed naked. We talk a bit about his progress in his last 4 shoots (available in his Signature Series video) and when I ask him how he feels about the more extreme toy shoot today, he shows me his rock hard cock! Let s get going .

Joey has learned the importance of preparation in paying with his butt so he starts with lube and a finger. It isn t long before he has a vibrator deep in his butt. Note he has skipped the smaller butt plug; he goes straight to the size as he moves from a medium sized vibrator to a larger one. I had talked to him about doing a video where a girl would fuck him with a strap-on and he s intrigued. He takes the strap-on dildo and works on his ass. When he flips over to fuck himself doggy, not how hard he is. Back over on his back, notice how his cock jumps as he fucks his ass. Next he grabs the beer bottle and slides it as deep as it will go. After he has enjoyed the bottle, he squats down on it so we can see just how hard he is. He jerks his cock but has to stop because he s about to shoot. I have him stand up by the mirror to jack his cock and fuck his ass and it is one sexy visual!

Next is the big red plug, which he likes. When he removes it, we see it in a tight close-up. After a short break, Joey takes a cold zucchini and lubes it up. He talks about taking the zucchini in the last shoot and after I tell him to go fuck himself, he does! He fucks his ass wile he jacks his dick and then goes to the glass butt plug.

While he s plugged-in he lights a cigarette and relaxes. He opens a beer and this time takes it in his mouth. During the break, we talk about him having sex with another man and there are some candid comments that are priceless. Joey then continues the show getting on his knees, and then humping the sheets with his ass full with the toy. I get to play with his cock which is so hard it can hardly be pulled back toward the camera. He pulls the plug out again in a tight close-up and moves on to the ManRammer dildo.

I am amazed how easily it slides deep into Joey s butt and how much he is able to take as he fucks himself. I guess it s the combination of a great teacher and a great student!!! He talks about what he s doing, how it feels amid moans and groans before getting on his knees and riding the huge toy. He is facing away from the camera, so you see every glorious inch latex of disappearing in his hot ass. He spreads his ass with both hands and rides it. When he s done, he shows you how deep he took it!

To take another step, Joey is in bed with a life-like latex cock and balls next to him. With his cock rock hard, he sucks and licks the face dick before sliding a condom on it and sitting on it. His cock never goes down as he takes the big toy. Turning around we get the back view and then we switch to a softer black cock. He rides it again facing away from us, and then facing the camera. The moaning gets louder, the jerking faster and he s about to cum. After the shoots, Joey flips around to show us his just fucked hole before heading off to another relaxing shower. And he has earned his relaxation!

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Joey's Toy Box

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