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Brother's Toy Box 2

Scene 1:

Austin & Dustin are in the studio comparing notes. It is very interesting to see the two brothers talk about their sex lives. Each is trying to find out what the other has done and how far they ve gone! They find they have fucked and been fucked by some of the same guys and compare notes on Kyle s beer can cock! After a thorough discussion on guy on guy sex even down to positions, they issue a challenge to each other for a toy contest. I thought we needed to see the playing field for the contest, so I have each man show us their hot hole.

Now Austin tells Dustin to stand up and strip and show him what he s got. Dustin strips down to his boxers as Austin watches and then makes his brother do the same. Then they remove their boxers and I have to get them to pose together naked! After they show us every (and I do mean every) part of their body, the brothers start working on their cocks. Dustin is hard in no time and Austin catches up pretty quickly! They start fingering their own ass as they lay side by side working on their hard cocks also. Dustin gets on his knees for easier access to his hole (he has short, stocky arms; t-rex arms as he calls them) then spits on his hand to lube his cock.

The first toys they use are vibrators and they keep their dicks hard as they fuck their butts. They ask each other how the feel. When they want to switch positions, I have them stand up with their cocks almost touching so we can compare their hard dicks.

Austin decides his ass is too sore from the fucking Andrew gave him yesterday (you can see that in JackBuddies XX) so he forfeits to Dustin . But Dustin isn t done yet. He slams a zucchini in his tight ass and keeps jerking his cock. Austin is hard, too and they both keep going with a fistful of hard dick. Dustin jumps up with the zucchini still in his ass and shoots on his brother s cock and balls! To return the favor, Dustin gets on his knees doggy style and Austin shoots all over his butt even hitting the zucchini! On command Dustin pops the zucchini out! We are definitely the winners of this contest!

Scene 2:

I was at dinner a few days later with the Brothers and told them they really let me down in the last shoot because there wasn t enough toy action. They acted all hurt and wanted to make it up to me, so we decided to do another toy shoot with the two of them. This video is that shoot. Like before, the guys start off comparing notes on what they ve done before agreeing to a toy challenge. (I love hearing them talk about sucking cock and getting fucked!) We start with the brothers naked and side by side for some comparisons. From the top of their blonde heads, to their faces, to their blond pits, pink nipples to the way their cocks hang and their tight assholes flex, this is a fascinatingly hot study of two men.

The contest starts with fingers and quickly moves on to butt plugs. When Austin s falls out we switch to some medium sized vibrators. They fuck themselves on their backs and doggy style before moving on bigger plugs. All the while they are moaning, groaning and talking about being fucked. After the show you the plugs on their backs with their legs up and on their knees doggy style, they de-plug and you see close ups of their dilated asses.

Dustin takes the manrammer next while Austin watches. Then its Austin s turn and he takes the huge toy but with a little difficulty. Dustin focuses on the porn playing while his brother buries the bone.

As a surprise for the guys, I hand them an electro-stimulator which should send their prostates into heaven! They have never had anything like this in their butts! Dustin goes first with Austin at the controls. This video captures the dynamic of the brother s relationship and after watching it you will feel like you know these two. Austin manipulates the intensity of the toy while Dustin enjoys the charge. When he shoots, his load flies up his chest in thick white gobs much to Austin s delight. I think he feels like he gave his bro an orgasm! After we get Dustin s critique on the new toy it is Austin s turn.

Dustin grabs the controls as Austin slides the toy deep in his ass. It makes Austin jump but it also makes him shoot all over his belly. The brothers talks about their electric

Scene 3:

I wanted to shoot some promo spots and the outtakes show you how difficult (and how much fun) my job can be

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Brother's Toy Box 2

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