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Stranded on Bareback Island

95 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:On his back, I enter him slowly, oh fuck he moans and pants. How does that feel? I ask; that s amazing he groans. Vince is taking my thick cock like a champ and I am loving his hole. I check to see he s okay, and he smiles at me; this is one fun fuck. From underneath, you can see I m going balls deep and when I pan above, he is stiff as a board. He tugs but, just long enough to shoot a shower of jizz that is from his head to groin; I follow with a load myself. But, he still wants more so, back in and thrust I go. His dick is still hard and all he gets out is, fuck. As I go faster, I now I m going to shoot again, and I do. This cutie has had enough for now, and when I ask if he enjoyed it, he says it was, pretty damn good. I told him it was hot and him spraying, while being fucked, was a treat. It even hit my face, he adds. I have got to get this boy back for more; stay tuned.

Stranded on Bareback Island

95 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:Cristian is hanging out at the beach when jogging along the shoreline comes Junior who stops to say hello . Cristian notices that Junior has a raging hard-on under his speedo. Soon Junior is working Cristians tight hole, loosening it up for his thick bare cock. As he slides it in, Cristian moans with pleasure. Junior s thick cock is a perfect fit, as Cristian rides and rides his bare cock until his pure white cum explodes from his cock.

Bareback Training Day

110 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: David is caught napping by his trainer Thomas, and as punishment gets his cock sucked. Soon David s perfectly chiseled body is being fucked long, hard, and deep by Thomas s raging hard bare cock. David loves riding Thomas s rod up and down. Thomas showers David s face with his thick cum, as he licks and sucks it up as fast as he can.

Gaven's Bareback G.I.'s

100 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Fucking fine Fox is lying on the couch watching a porn when Gaven walks in to see what s up. Asking if Brad needs some help, Gaven starts to give a hand job while they enjoy the porn together. Gaven can t help but to start blowing his giant cock. Fox starts to bang him in every position causing him to grunt and moan in pleasure. Brads explosive load splashes all over Gaven's face causing Gaven to shoot his gooey load all on his own face.

Raw American Military

110 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Flat on his back, every inch of Joe's body is mauled and he wants more. John's big and thick raw cock enters Aaron's thigh boy hole. Then Joe moves in to get his turn at Aaron's tight ass as Aaron bounces from cock to cock. Joe and Aaron are the first to shoot their loads, and then John gives Aaron a mouthful of his jizz.

Fucked Raw By The Cameraman #2

105 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Trey Kennedy is a 20 year old, soon to be military stud, with boyish good looks and a great smile. Oh and don't forget a hot fuckable ass! Check out his pretzel fuck position, it's hot. Again the bulge in the cameraman's pants draws Trey's attention as he unleashes the beast and wraps his mouth around it. His tight hole is ready and able for the cameraman's raw cock.

Fucked Raw By The Cameraman #1

110 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Our Cameraman spies this adorable 19 year old music major on campus. He convinces Johnny Carver to come over and spread his legs. After warming up with a dildo, the Cameraman pounds his ass and Johnny shoots his hot load with the raw cock still deep inside him.

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