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Fucked Raw by the Cameraman 3

Daniel Bigdan:

Daniel, a military man, 20, wanting to "try something new." He is bisexual and enjoys the single life; loves being fucked and fucking. When Daniel undresses for a shower, we see he is already hard, a guy large in stature and dick. He says that the camera is turning him on, that is very evident.

Daniel has a nice muscular body, from working out and fighting MMA. As the camera shows his profile, we see he is still hard and large. I comment, "that just doesn't die." Now on the bed, he spreads his legs and holds his cock as we chat; that dick is up past his belly button. I tell him doing porn may be his thing; "being hard is half the battle." Daniel strokes off as I film and snap photos. I notice he keeps watching me, then he asks about me being bi. I tell him I just like a nice ass. At that point, he just reaches over, unzips my pants and finds that I am hard too; I told him I like a nice ass, and Daniel definitely has one.

I film as Daniel plays and sucks my cock. His mouth goes a ways down on me; I love a guy with experience. Then Daniel says, "want to put it up my ass?" I think I said, "sure," before I grabbed the lube, but who knows. As I finger his hole, he is still hard. His ass is up in the air and he is ready to be fucked. Checking to see how Daniel likes to be taken, he says, "deep and hard;" this is going to be fun.

I start to fuck him and he pants, "oh yeah;" "it is so tight" I say. Wow, he feels so good I know I'm going to cum quick. Daniel watches me as I ride him from behind. I have him flip over and work on stroking; his nice hole has me so close. As I thrust, he quietly cums, "like all good military guys" I tell him. I also ask about topping, he says, "yes." I can't wait to get him in a scene with another guy, maybe a flip-flop.

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Ricky Nova:

Ricky is 21 and "very open minded" when it comes to sex; "I guess I'm bi," I've always admired the male form." When Ricky undresses, I myself appreciate the male body and Ricky's is one of the best I've seen. I wanted to film him today doing a solo, but I think I may have to sample the goods, since the goods are so hot.

Ricky's willingness to be open to new experiences is a real turn on and my camera can't help but capture the chemistry between us. In filming while fucking, I really have to concentrate, a lot. Ricky is very helpful and tries several positions with me; got to love a man who is flexible. I really thought his topping scenes were great, but being inside of him might be even better. As Ricky admits, "I enjoy the experience," I have to say that for today, fucking was even better than the filming and that's the bottom line.
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Shawn Laine:

Shawn Laine is a bottom who enjoys, "hard cocks." He stands 6'3 , has a 9" monster cock and never fucked a guy with it, pity. Shawn shows us some tats he has, most notably, the large angel wings on his back. He says he is bi, but his favorite thing is to get fucked, either doggie style or on his back. As he showers, he works his hole as he fingers himself.

As far as sex goes, he likes guys because "it's simple, no kissing, I just bend over and get fucked." He also likes to see the guy cum, "on my face." At this point, what can I do but help the guy out. Shawn see's the bulge in my pants and starts to rub me and asks to see it. I tell him, "I am hoping to plug a hole;" Shawn complies and gets on all fours. I know mine is not long, but I have girth that can satisfy any man."Bend over," I tell him and begin to finger him. "Feels good," comments Shawn. As I am going in, Shawn says "be gentle, you're very thick." To make it more comfortable, I have Shawn ride back on my cock. I said "imagine a guy taking your cock, how he must feel." I work the camera and Shawn's hole and as I get close and ask where he wants it, "in my hole" Shawn replies.

I pull out and release on his hole and massage the nice load around. Shawn rolls over on his back and it isn't long before streams of white cream flow from the head of his massive cock.

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Kevin Reed:

Kevin Reed is a 22 year old Marine, living in the San Diego area. His experience with guys really started in college; at 19, he had a friend who made a move on him. The other guy was going to bottom, but once his saw the "monster" in Kevin's pants, "we just blew each other." Apparently, he is well endowed and even his last partner was trying to "make me a bottom." In this video, Kevin will jack off and show us all how to "tame the beast."

Kevin is no stranger to sucking and deep throats the cameraman's dick while stroking his own. As the camera pans from behind and on the side, we see the penetration is deep and a little uncomfortable for Kevin. "I need practice," he says as he grits his teeth, waiting for his anal muscles to relax. He strokes his cock for comfort. "Oh fuck," says Kevin as he is still not feeling the pleasure; the cameraman also says, "oh fuck," but for another reason.

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Joey Rico:

Joey is a 22-year-old baby faced guy who likes working out, playing sports and prefers women, but has messed around with guys. When talking to Joey about his first experience with a guy, he blushes, gets all shy, and is at a loss for words as to what really happened. You can see when Joey removes his shirt that he takes care of his body, working out 5 times a week, but is till a bit shy about how his body looks. If he only realized how many guys would die for a body like his!

Joey s uncut cock soon comes to life as he watches some straight porn while he rubs his hands over his toned body. Joey reveals his sexual sweet spots, which are his neck, ab s and inner thighs. OK, you now know how to get him turned on!

He then flips onto all four s to play with his ass and hole. Lubing up his crack, his fingers begin to wander towards his tight hole. Slowly they enter his ass and begin his sexual workout. Soon I, the cameraman, lend a helping hand or should say lend a helping finger and thumb to his ass hole s workout hoping Joey will let my raw cock enter his hot bodied hole. Finally I get what I have been waiting for, Joey reaches over, unzips my pants to reveal a thick, hard cock. Joey grabs the lube, lubes up the cock, and bends over ready to be plowed.

The bare cock slowly slips in his tight hole and the pumping begins. It s not long before the urge to cum is here. After flipping Joey onto his back and seeing what I am fucking, it is too much to hold my sperm in any longer. After a squirt inside, I pull out to blow the rest of my load, covering his balls with white cum! Joey then shoots his load, from his neck to his balls, all covered in cum

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Vince Smith:

So, I ve got to ask this cute, 18-year-old, why do porn? Vince Smith says, seems like fun and something I can enjoy. He s been having sex since he was 14. He was at a friend s house; the first time they just gave one another a blowjob. But next time, they flipped; it was wonderful he grins.

Vince starts with a shower. As he pulls off his pants and underwear, I zoom in to see he s almost hard already. He jacks off, seven to eight times a day; oh teenage boys and their testosterone. I m a horny bastard; I jack off either in my bed or shower, he says. He has an average sized uncut dick and a large, firm set of balls.

On the bed, Vince gets started; I zoom in to see his manscaping and notice that he keeps watching my crotch. You should stroke me, he says with a smile. All I do is touch his dick and he is up; once I start sucking, I m up as well. Vince moans when I take him into my mouth; he says his neck and nipples are his most sensitive areas. I twist his nipple and he responds immediately. This young, smoothed skinned kid has me tenting.

Vince notices my hard cock and suggests, why don t you bring it over here. He has a child s face, but the grip and suction of a, horny bastard. As he sucks me, I try to get some tight angles and close ups, but he has definitely got my attention with his mouth; he goes down and licks my balls as well. I ask, you like that? Yeah, it s huge he responds. Vince begins to tug at himself and blow me as well; he also works his hand around my shaft. He has got me really hot at this point; I think the camera picks up my racing heartbeat. Vince looks up at me and says, you wanna fuck me?

On his back, I enter him slowly, oh fuck he moans and pants. How does that feel? I ask; that s amazing he groans. Vince is taking my thick cock like a champ and I am loving his hole. I check to see he s okay, and he smiles at me; this is one fun fuck. From underneath, you can see I m going balls deep and when I pan above, he is stiff as a board. He tugs but, just long enough to shoot a shower of jizz that is from his head to groin; I follow with a load myself. But, he still wants more so, back in and thrust I go. His dick is still hard and all he gets out is, fuck. As I go faster, I now I m going to shoot again, and I do. This cutie has had enough for now, and when I ask if he enjoyed it, he says it was, pretty damn good. I told him it was hot and him spraying, while being fucked, was a treat. It even hit my face, he adds. I have got to get this boy back for more; stay tuned.

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Clark Kent:

Clark Kent comes into today from his other job to do a little porn. No, he's not a newsman, but spends his time, "making the ladies look awesome." This 22-year-old explains that sex, "has always been in my life" and figures he should get paid for it. He prefers to bottom and loves getting fucked, raw with spit, "the natural way."

After Clark strips, he takes a shower. Once he's naked, all I'm watching is his cock, very nice. His tan lines are a real turn on and accentuate his hot body. As he soaps up, he gives us a preview of his best, "asset." Turning around, he smiles; okay this boy has got me hot. I continue to film as he plays in the shower. Then he moves to the bed to have some fun; he asks if I have any "toys?" Clark lubes up his hole with spit and works on getting it up and off.I notice he's working his hole more than his cock; he warns me he can be pretty loud. He then grins and makes a comment about the stiffy in my pants. I find myself rubbing my crotch against his leg; Clark's cock just pops up. He looks at me as he plays with his hole. Telling me his favorite thing is to be rimmed, I oblige. As I work on his hole, first with my fingers, then with my tongue, Clark moans, "yeah."

I tell Clark to, come let it out, as he unzips my pants, I spring forth, fully. Clark says, Mr. Cameraman, you ve got a fat fucking dick. He immediately puts his lips to my cock; this boy has got some nice soft lips. As Clark tastes my precum, I tell him I do leak . Man, this boy is great at deep throating as well; he pulls me in fully and drools as he comes off. He then spits, wets his hole and fingers himself, while he continues to blow me. This is when I put the camera down, I don t do that often, but this boy needs my full attention. Stretch my fucking ass, Clark moans. I have to stand him up to get it all in, from below I think you can agree this boy is a great bottom; loud too, just like he warned.

As I go all the way in and back out, Clark looks back at me and asks me to, bust that fucking load in that hole. He then turns around and starts sucking me again before I go back in. I am still hard and take full advantage of this boy s ass; Clark grabs his knees to spread himself more. He jerks as well. Clark moans and lays his head back, I can t hold back and I blow a huge load inside and out. Clark begs me to, put it back in which I do; he is now tugging fast and hard on his cock. As he cums, loads of jizz fly everywhere. He comments, you got a dick, man. And I think this boy has a tasty hole; who knew under those glasses?

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Fucked Raw by the Cameraman 3

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