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Fucked Raw By The Cameraman #2

Fucked Raw by the Cameraman #2 brings a new set of 6 guys all going after the cameraman's beefy cock.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

First up is Cory Michaels, a slim 19 year old Marine making his first ever appearance on camera. He's a quiet one. After a quick interview and shower, Cory works up his uncut perfect cock. Typical military shave down there too. Cory sees the bulge in the cameraman's pants so goes for it and begins stroking both his and the cameraman's cock. Cory then wants his ass warmed up with some fingers to prepare for the thick piece of meat he is about to receive. Taking it like a Marine, he handles the cock and barebacking without making a sound!
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Jon Lee is a 19 year old local college student needing a few extra bucks. As he's stroking his cock, he asks the cameraman for help in jacking off. Of course the cameraman is more than happy to help. Jon's mouth devours the cameraman's cock as Jon asks to be fucked by the rock hard cock. Jon backs his ass onto the raw cock and gets a deep pounding all while moaning with pleasure.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Dave Merritt is a 6' 8'' basketball player with a proportional sized cock to match. Dave has been in some other videos for us, but never a jack off scene. Come to find out, Dave likes cock up his ass. It's not long before the cameraman's cock is deep inside his tight ass, fucking him hard and raw.
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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Jeramiah Maxx has also done other video work for us, but never a solo. As we find out more about him, he's a true power bottom and is always looking for a cock to slip into his tight hole. The cameraman's cock is more that eager to satisfy his cravings.
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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Talk about someone with cock on the mind constantly; Felix El Gato is another stud who can't get enough cock up his ass. Watch Felix devour the cameraman's cock in his mouth like it's a lollypop. He acts like a kid in the candy store waiting for that piece of meat to slip inside his bare hole. The cameraman's load shoots deep inside Felix as he rides the cock to his own climax.
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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Trey Kennedy is a 20 year old, soon to be military stud, with boyish good looks and a great smile. Oh and don't forget a hot fuckable ass! Check out his pretzel fuck position, it's hot. Again the bulge in the cameraman's pants draws Trey's attention as he unleashes the beast and wraps his mouth around it. His tight hole is ready and able for the cameraman's raw cock.
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Fucked Raw By The Cameraman #2

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