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Bret and Tim Exposed

78 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: 'I never thought I would be putting my cock up my buddy's ass, but what a fucking dream come true.' Tim fucks Bret, licks his toes, stares into his face, strokes his cock as Bret grabs Tim's head. As Tim goes deeper and harder into Bret's soft virgin ass, Bret is getting harder and harder. Tim pounds away, and the harder he fucks the harder Bret gets.
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Web Boys #8

80 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Your hand plays with the head of his dick, showing how the slit in the head opens…then it moves down to Tommy's balls, where it grabs them, squeezes them to Tommy's pleasure, tickles them and pulls them until Tommy gasps. When your hand is taken away, Tommy works his butthole and jerks his cock like a pro. When he cums, he quickly proceeds to gobble up several fingers full of cum and lick it all up and swallows it.
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Frat Initiations #13

80 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: When Andrew returns the fun begins. Each guy gets to suck someone else's dick, and Fernando is told to play with Andrew's ass...with his tongue! Nice shots of Andrew being delicately and forcefully rimmed while Kirk swallows his cock lead to some anal pleasures. Andrew is told to bend over and a rubber glove and lube is tossed to Kirk. Gloved fingers go in and out of Andrew's ass while he sucks Fernando's fat uncut cock. When he is finished getting finger fucked, Andrew dons gloves on both hands and does both boys at the same time. He really gets even as Kirk and Fernando are moaning like girls as Andrew shoves his fingers in and out over and over again.
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Pledge Master Proxy

107 Minutes...Mixed Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Imagine a fraternity getting set to have is hell night and all the pledges are ready to do whatever they have to do to make it in. Now imagine that someone switches enveloped with directions and sends them to your house. What would you do if a hot young college kid knocked on your door and said ''I am here to be initiated… what do you want me to do?'' Instead of the real pledge master, this pledge master proxy wants to really test these boys to see if they will suck, fuck, hung, get fucked, take dildos, squirt their cum, be played with and jerked off.
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Frat Initiations #12

77 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: As the pledge master warns, the two buddies pledging together are bound to do whatever he says if they expect to be part of the fraternity. These two look a bit fearful to start, and for some reason they remain convincingly afraid of the pledge master throughout. Later in the scene it appears that the reason is jealousy. The pledge played by Kirk Kelley clearly likes the other pledge, and he doesn't like the fact that pledge master gets to have his way with him as well. He was hoping to be ordered to suck and fuck him and get fucked by him without the pledge master joining in on the fun. But lo and behold, the pledge master, played by Fernando Montoya, wants that dick for himself.
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