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A Taste Of Triton Rivers #2

79 Minutes...Mixed Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Triton strips Devon down and right away goes to work on his long thick cock,sucking up and down on the thick shaft as Tully takes every inch of Will's extremely thick cock in his mouth. Tully ends up with all 3 guys standing in front of him trying to get his mouth around their cocks. Tully is eager to oblige them and starts working on each one of their cocks. The hot steamy action continues with a 4-way suck off until Triton cant take it anymore and shoves his cock deep into Devon's ass all the way to the hilt as Tully continues getting his mouth pounded by Will's thick cock.
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A Taste Of Triton Rivers #1

78 Minutes...Mixed Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: As Triton leaves his house for an errand he winds up getting pulled over by a police offer who says he was speeding. ''Is there any way I could work it off,'' Triton asks the cop, and of course there is. This cop has an incredibly wonderful cock. and balls. The shape and size are near perfect… the kind you dream about. That gorgeous cock is in Triton's mouth faster than you can say go.
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Talking Straight #2

80 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: When the three guys from scene 1 finished their shoot they went out to the local bars. Gabriel overheard the boys talking about Steve's big fat dick and decided he was going to see and feel it up his ass. Steve takes him back to the room, lets him suck his fat cock, then gives Gabe exactly what he wanted…a lengthy fuck. Watching him try to stuff that fat cock up Gabe's ass is painful, but Gabe apparently loves it…and is ready to take it all night long if he can. On his knees, on his back, Gabe takes it and loves it. When Steve gets tired of pounding, Gabe takes over and works that horse cock like a pro. Steve finally blows his load all over Gabe, and Gabe savors it, even taking some of the hot cum into his mouth for a taste.
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Web Boys #5

96 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Fernando loves cute young white boys, and Blake, at 19, fits the bill perfectly. Fernando prides himself on ''turning out'' the straight ones by getting them to have sex with him. All Fernando wants is to fondle and suck Blake’s dick. After working together on the webcam, Fernando makes his moves and, before you know it, Blake’s cute boy dick is in Fernando’s mouth. Although Blake is resistant at first, he consents and lets Fernando do his thing with a relenting ''OK go ahead.'' The intrigue here is that Blake does nothing except let it happen. He sits back and becomes only a ''participant.'' Blowing his load and trying to hide his pleasure, Blake remains solid. After gushing cum on themselves, the boys shower, and Blake sticks around to watch his buddy!
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Zack and Zane Exposed

71 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Zack lays Zane down on the bed and presses his body into the mattress with his own. As he holds Zane’s hands down and licks his body, he reads him his rights. ''You have the right to remain silent… etc.'' When done, Zane can barely get the words out, ''Yeah I understand'' because he is breathless at having Zack over him, licking and sucking up and down his body.
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Gay Sex In Redhook PA

95 Minutes...Mixed Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: At home with his cute young boyfriend (hard to believe these guys are over 20), Kirk is making out on the couch. The boys undress each other. Kirk’s clothes come off first, and if you’ve seen this insatiable bottom before you know that even his soft dick is impressive. After his dick has been in his boyfriend’s mouth for just a minute, the size becomes very obvious. So now it’s Kirk’s turn to stiffen up his boyfriend, and this also takes very little time.
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Southside Showoffs

88 Minutes...Mixed Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Fantasy is a special treat for everyone who enjoys black men. And he delivers on his name! This hot young black man has muscles everywhere, and he's not shy about showing them off, even licking them, as the web cam viewers send in their requests. When Fantasy tugs down his bright white briefs to display his meaty half-hard cock, the viewers are probably licking their computer screens in lust. Fantasy strips all of this clothes off and puts on a sensuous show but it takes a magazine full hot babes to take him over the edge and make him splatter his mouse pad in a rain of juicy cream.
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