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Gay Sex In Redhook PA

The Redhook Inn: Fuckbuddies

When you live in a town where reruns of I Love Lucy are considered significant entertainment, it’s no wonder that the Redhook Inn is home to numerous hookups every night. With no fanfare at all, we see an absolutely beautiful young man, as cute as one can be, getting it on with another local who was so bored he had a big fat metal ring drilled into the head of his dick. The cute young boy’s plump dick is a real visual treat as it slides in and out of his partner’s mouth, and then it’s time for cutie to get to work on his partner’s dick. The p.a. adds significant interest to the great oral stimulation. The Prince Albert is taken out after a while, and the sight of it leaving the penis may make you cringe…and near the end…when you get to see it go back in… you will definitely cringe. The two hot guys know how to get it on, and they love to suck, eat ass, 69 and finally jerk their dicks for each other until they explode. The cute young boy stands over his cum-laden friend and delivers a load of at least seven pumps that shoot cum left, right and center.

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The Redhook Times: Art Director

Sorting through the slides of a recent male erotic art photo shoot, this art director just can’t help himself. The images get his long hooked dick so hard he has to relieve the pressure by whipping it out and stroking it right then and there. The art director is an attractive young man with a slender, toned body that says he visits the gym regularly. Worked into a hormonal frenzy by the images of young, muscular boys in the clips, video, streaming, he has a perpetual erection from the time it leaves his pants until he shoots an enormous load. The way this guy strokes his cock will get you turned on. He knows how to stroke and rub and pull and tease, and the camera gets so close that you can map every vein…and you’ll swear that you can even taste it! This guy is having so much fun, you can see him twitch in pleasure. All the foreplay ends in a huge gushing cum shot that shoots past his body, over the arm of the chair he is sitting on, then drips down the chair’s arm and the rest of the cum shot drenches his tight abs.

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Redhook Redhead

If you like redheads, this scene is for you to just eat up! You know this is a true redhead because this young man’s pubic hair just glows in the sunlight. There is no story here…just a slender and toned very young man showing off for you. When he pulls his underwear down to reveal the red bush you also see that he has a really beautiful cock He is a bit shy but has no trouble at all slowly pulling his dick and stroking it as he fondles his nut sack, which clings to his balls so you can see them hang nicely. As the camera pulls back and this young man gets hard, you can’t help marvel at its impressive size and beautiful shape. He lays down and strokes and then sits in a chair and strokes. When he is getting close, you can see his eyes roll back inside his head and the precum forming in the tip of his dick. A low camera angle lets you see those veins coming from his balls, and you’ll swear you see the sperm working its way up those channels to deliver a great load. And now, after more than an hour of great looks, fabulous dick, hung balls and giant cum shots, it’s time to see some dick up some ass.

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Redhook Rednecks

Although we don’t have names for the characters, it is easy to see that one of the boyfriends in this scene is porn star Kirk Kelley. At home with his cute young boyfriend (hard to believe these guys are over 20), Kirk is making out on the couch. The boys undress each other. Kirk’s clothes come off first, and if you’ve seen this insatiable bottom before you know that even his soft dick is impressive. After his dick has been in his boyfriend’s mouth for just a minute, the size becomes very obvious. So now it’s Kirk’s turn to stiffen up his boyfriend, and this also takes very little time. No wonder, as Kirk’s mouth and hands know how to work a dick like the pro he is. After a tasty treat to some delicious dick sucking, Kirk is ready for his trademark position: bottom! Kirk loves having his ass pounded, and the guy playing his boyfriend here knows it…and loves it. He is relentless, thrusting away and giving Kirk the ass pounding he loves. When Kirk’s boyfriend starts to cum, you think you are going to be disappointed, but the little squirts are just a prelude to several shots that lay a basecoat on Kirk’s stomach. Then it’s Kirk’s turn, and the gushing spurts from his long dick are big thick streams of cum that coat and form pools of love juice. As the camera pulls away, you see a cum-coated Kirk and his boyfriend’s swinging dick. Yum. Who said life in a small town is boring?

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Gay Sex In Redhook PA

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