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A Taste Of Triton Rivers #2

Tool Time

Triton shows up for a hard day's work of refurbishing an old house. To his surprise, he is working alongside 3 hot young studs. As the day goes on he notices that all the other guys are checking each other out. When the foreman yells out "I have to go to get some supplies… I'll be back in 2 hours," the 4 of them decide to take a little break. That's when the real work starts up! Triton strips Devon down and right away goes to work on his long thick cock,sucking up and down on the thick shaft as Tully takes every inch of Will's extremely thick cock in his mouth. Tully ends up with all 3 guys standing in front of him trying to get his mouth around their cocks. Tully is eager to oblige them and starts working on each one of their cocks. The hot steamy action continues with a 4-way suck off until Triton cant take it anymore and shoves his cock deep into Devon's ass all the way to the hilt as Tully continues getting his mouth pounded by Will's thick cock. With the pounding Triton is giving, Devon can no longer hold back, and his body begins to spasm until he shoots his thick creamy load all over his tight stomach and chest. Will, sees Devon explode and is at the point of no return; he blows a huge load of cum all over Tully's chest. Triton gets so turned on from Devon's ass that he pulls his cock out of Devon's ass and erupts with what seems to be a never ending orgasm that goes all over Devon's body, face and on the floor behind Devon's head. Tully is the last to blow his load, and in his cocky manner, gives the group a count down to his explosive orgasm… 3, 2, 1…shoot!

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Mechanic on Duty

Kirk Kelley is calling all of his friends for some help to fix his car. With a broken arm he cannot do it himself. He finally reaches his good friend Triton, who agrees to come over and see what he can do. Triton shows up and figures out what's wrong with his car, but he doesn't know how to fix it. Triton says "Well, you know who we have to call," and Kirk says "yeah I know," so Triton calls Tully. Tully shows up pissed off that he has to fix the car, but he still agrees to do it when all of the sudden Triton and Kirk pull Tully away form the car and start ripping his clothes off. Tully then grabs Kirk's head and shoves it down on his big thick cock, and Triton shoves his cock into Tully's very eager mouth. A hot 3-way suck fest then starts up, which leads to Kirk getting so hot and bothered that he has Triton ram his cock deep into his hot boy ass. Triton pounds the hell out of Kirk's tight, firm boy hole while Tully face fucks Kirk like he'll never get another hot mouth around his cock again. Triton then stands Kirk up and shoves his cock into Kirk again, this time with him bent over. After the hot fuck fest Tully lays on the floor and tells both of them "I want you guys to blow your wad all over my face." Just hearing those words has Triton ready to cum, and he shoots off a monstrous load all over Tully's face and chest. The smell of the cum gets Kirk and Tully to the point of no return, as Kirk also shoots a huge load of boy cum all over Tully's face. With cum all over him Tully explodes in ecstasy and blows his wad all over his cum soaked chest.

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A Taste Of Triton Rivers #2

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