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The Pledge Master Proxy

Editor's Note: Several of the sessions on this video are also available on other Frat Initiation tapes previously released by Customboys Videos.
Producer's Note: Imagine a fraternity getting set to have is hell night and all the pledges are ready to do whatever they have to do to make it in. Now imagine that someone switches enveloped with directions and sends them to your house. What would you do if a hot young college kid knocked on your door and said "I am here to be initiated… what do you want me to do?" Instead of the real pledge master, this pledge master proxy wants to really test these boys to see if they will suck, fuck, hung, get fucked, take dildos, squirt their cum, be played with and jerked off. One at a time, two at a time and even three at a time the frat wannabes show up and take it all with determination and pride.


Butch Love is Fred, and Butch is one hot All-American looking hottie. Cute, adorable, Blond hair, blue eyes, a six pack, hefty cock, slightly hairy ass and a cocky attitude …could you want anything more? He is treated rough and asks for more…nearly choking on the cock he has to suck. A cute tough guy with raw sex power.

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Jerod is definitely one of those Abercrombie and Fitch models. And if not, he sure ought to be. Just when you think there can't be a cuter boy than Fred, along comes Jerod, who gets felt up and jerked off in a much more loving and caring way than Fred. The contrast is excellent.

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Kal is the main character in this story. He is the one frat pledge who questions why he hasn't gotten asked back after his initiation. He calls the leaders of the fraternity and asks why, and is told he was bounced for not showing up. "You mean I wasn't supposed to do all these things," he asks. The real frat officer asks, "Tied Up? Jerked off? What kind of fraternity do you think we are?" When Kal pushes and asks "What was I doing there?" the answer is, "I don't know…what were you doing there?" That gives way to a flashback where he takes a monster dildo, sucks dick and has a heft load of cum pumped out of him by the proxy pledge master.

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Wes is a very cute guy…average body and dick and sports a Navy tattoo on his right arm. He is determined to get into the frat and taunts the pledge master by telling him there is nothing he can do to make him quit. Put on his knees to suck dick he hesitates but then agrees, "OK I'll do it…I want in." Such a cute face sucking a big fat dick is a pretty sight, and as reluctant as Wes is, he sure looks like he has had some experience. Wes reacts well to a dildo up his ass and gives up a load of cum right into the camera.

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Troy, Billy and Paul

Three hot young college dudes show up together to be initiated. Troy is a big, blond, blue-eyed 18 year-old with a big fat cock. Billy is a very handsome, well-proportioned, butch virgin and Paul is a Twinkie boy with a large cock who tries to be butch but secretly loves every minute of being told to have sex with the other two. The pledge master proxy feeds each boy another boy's cock and strokes and feels them up to his content. Seeing Billy take something up his ass for the very first time is worth the price of this tape…a real straight boy doing what he has to do to get what he wants! This three-way (four if you include the pledge master) is great if you ant to see big dicks on young men and a three-way standing fuck scene Troy bends over first, the pledge master opens his hole with his fingers so Billy can s tick his dick in Troy's ass…Then Paul shoves his fat cock into Billy. They pound away as the pledge master feels them all up.

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Italian looking with bedroom eyes, pouty lips, perfect teeth and bushy eyebrows, Gabriel is caught in the middle of his initiation. He is getting fucked and taking down the pants of another guy to suck his dick. The guy he is paired with we don't get to meet, but we see his unbelievably fat cock getting sucked, and we see it go up Gabriel's ass. Gabe has a beautiful thick and oversized cock of his own, and it gets taken care of by the pledge master.

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Ty has big round eyes, luscious lips, a very nice body and one of the longest dicks to grace the video screen, It is a bat…slender at the base and fatter at the top. He looks bewildered by the initiation process, but at the same time he realizes just how good it feels. After he gets sucked off and jerked off he bends over to take some ass play. His dick is dripping with precum as the pledge master prepares to spank him and stick his fingers up his ass. "No… I am not quitting," he says, so the pledge master brings out a dildo. "I can't do that," Ty says, but two seconds later there he is with the rubbery shaft crammed all the way up his ass. Then he sucks on the biggest dildo ever, nearly choking on it, and gets jerked off a second time!

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A tight little body and military haircut on our law enforcement officer (dog tags give away his real profession) are shown in detail as we see him shower before he heads off to investigate the frat pledging scheme.

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Kirk Kelley is a young twink who has a unique scene. The pledge master uses a large rope as a cock and ball ring and sucks him off. As Kirk gets bigger and bigger, the pledge master winds more rope around his long cock. With only the head of his dick sticking out, Kirk continues to grow bigger and bigger. When the rope comes off and the pledge master slaps Kirk's dick around you see it is really a lengthy hunk of meat. Except that this meat squirts out a healthy jet stream of hot cum as Kirk moans in ecstasy at his dick being worked over after his load is spent.

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Jack Porter is a blond surfer boy with a very slim waist and abnormally large dick. This one is a real mouthful, and you see it from the first time it comes out of his boxer shorts. The cum shot that this boy delivers is incredible. After a few loads spurt out, a huge wad of cum leaps out onto his upper chest as he is standing up. The reaction to having his dick played with after the shoot is precious.

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The pledge master proxy really gets verbal with this guy…treats him like a military grunt and orders him around. Zane is a tough guy and barks his Sir Yes Sirs with force. Zane is also thinking it is all a joke. He smiles a lot and plays the game, but after a while of having his dick sucked, his asshole penetrated by a gloved hand, sucking cock and getting spanked, he realizes he is being tested for real. The pledge master likes Zane's warm mouth on his cock so much he takes off his mask and gets into it. Zane pumps his load as the pledge master jerks him from behind.

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The Pledge Master Proxy

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