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Bret and Tim Exposed

Two straight boys who grew up together have harbored sexual feeling for each other for many years, Neither Bret nor Tim has been able to act on his feelings. Now Tim is coming to visit. He is on leave from the army and is hoping his friend Bret will be receptive to his stronger advances this time.

The doorbell rings and Bret opens the door with a big smile as always. The familiar and friendly smiling face gives Tim and erection immediately. The two have some small talk, and Bret offers to show Tim the place. The tour goes well, and when they reach the bedroom, Tim just can't stand being so close to Bret without coming on to him. Bret is irresistible. He is cute, hung, in great shape, wears glasses that make him look sexy, and he has a southern accent that will turn you into jelly.

Tim places Bret on the bed and starts making out. Then he goes for the clothes, and before long he finally has Bret's cock in his mouth. He has been waiting for this for years, and the satisfaction of finally having that cock in his mouth is like heaven. But these guys are going to do more than just suck each other's cocks. After each one deep throats the other and licks his balls and kisses the head of his dick, they go for some rimming. Tim is like a kid in a candy store, spreading Bret's cheeks, toying with his hole by rubbing his fingers right at the entrance. Bret is just amazed. He kneels on all fours and lets Tim touch him everywhere. As Tim licks his ass and pulls on his cock, Bret closes his eyes and moans in ecstasy.

Then Tim gets the wish of a lifetime as Bret lubes up his big fat cock, rubs it up against Tim's ass to get it hard, but oh, no...Bret is not able to keep it hard cause he has never fucked a guy before. So they make out some more, Tim letting Bret know it is OK. Then, to his surprise, Bret tells Tim he can fuck him. 'Oh My God,' Tim thinks, 'I never thought I would be putting my cock up my buddy's ass, but what a fucking dream come true.' Tim fucks Bret, licks his toes, stares into his face, strokes his cock as Bret grabs Tim's head. As Tim goes deeper and harder into Bret's soft virgin ass, Bret is getting harder and harder. Tim pounds away, and the harder he fucks the harder Bret gets.

Desperately wanting that hard cock up his ass, Tim lubes it up, slaps a rubber on it and sits on it. It's like sticking an iron pipe up your ass, and once Tim is able to get the whole thing in his ass, he rides it like it was the last time he would ever feel a cock in his ass. Bret likes the feel of his shaft rubbing Tim's asshole, and he starts to pump a little too soon for Tim. Tim is hurting, but he grins and bears the pain of his buddy's outrageously hard cock being rammed into his ass and up to his throat. Tim has to lie back on the bed and let Bret fuck him missionary style. This is where Bret lets his buddy have it. He rams his fat hard cock into Tim's ass as far as he can get it, over and over again. Bret's slim body and fat long cock are a beauty to behold as they writhe back and forth, thrusting and pounding like a crazed animal. Bret falls to his side and continues to pound away, and his balls roll around and smack against Tim's ass like cue balls in a skin pouch. As he fucks Tim you can see his ass slamming open and shut as well.

After a while he does lose his hardon, so he climbs back onto Tim's cock and rides it till his eyes roll back inside his head. Bret is so pleasured by the dick up his ass that he looks like he is going to convulse, his eyes rolling back as his eyes twitch and his mouth opens. He finally explodes and lays down several long lines of cum from Tim's throat down to his pubic hairs. Thick. Juicy cum that stands up on its own. Bret rubs the fat head of his cock around in the pool of cum and then leans over and kisses Tim. Then he lies next to Tim and fingers his ass to help him get his rocks off. It doesn't take long, as Tim loves having Bret lay next to him and finger his ass.

Tim explodes with a nice load of his own, mixing it in with his buddy Bret's load of cum. Bret drives Tim nuts by playing with his dick right after he cums. Tim's dick is sensitive, but he lets Bret stroke it anyway as his body jolts back and forth The friends make out and enjoy their experience and then head for the shower where they continue their lovemaking. After a short by passionate shower scene, the video sadly comes to an end.

These two boys are simply way cute and very sexy. The chemistry between them is perfect, and the sex is passionate and real. Although you would never know either one is gay if you him on the street, once you see them fucking each other's brains out, their sexual preference is clear. No one else is supposed to know, but now you have seen Bret and Tim exposed!

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Bret and Tim Exposed

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