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New Producer FAQ's

How Much Money Will I Make?

  • You earn 60% of the sales revenue from physical DVD sales.
  • You earn an additional 20% of the sales revenue from physical DVD sales referred through an AMVC Affiliate Account.
  • You earn AEBN's full 20% streaming commission if you join AEBN through our contracts.
  • You earn 50% of the revenue we receive from outside marketing efforts such as non-AEBN streaming or retail wholesaling.

  • Perhaps you want to know real quantities and dollars. To be absolutely honest, we have no idea. We never know how well (or how poorly) a producer will do. We've been wrong before, so we don't offer guesses. One producer sold over 5,000 films in one year and made around $90,000 while another sold only five films and made $100 for the whole year. Your sales will probably be somewhere between those two figures.
  • At present 90% of our items sold are gay-male genre films. The other 10% are straight, lesbian, and transgender films. If you're not already shooting gay male films then it is something you should consider to maximize potential sales.
  • A good way to tell what customers are buying is to take a look at our top sellers list in the gay and straight video sections of our web site.
  • Two very helpful hints for whatever genre you're working in are to shoot more action sessions than solos and use live sound at all times. 95% of customers in our online poll said they wanted live sound not music.

  • Finally, let me repeat: Overall, gay male products literally sell 10 times more than straight products. If you're not already shooting gay male films then it is something you should consider.

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