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If you have an interest in making your own adult videos, have made your own homemade videos but don't know how to market them (or just want to perform in one) then would like to offer some basic information and a few pearls of wisdom.
Please note that, as with any business endeavor, you should consult your own accountant and attorney about laws in your community. Although this is a very fun and rewarding job, never lose sight that this is a business and should be operated as such.

Is This Legal?

Before we get into the details of your getting started in the business, it's best to address legal issues first.
What's legal in our working environment may not be legal in yours. Therefore, you should consult an attorney before going any further with this endeavor. There are several legal aspects for your attorney to advise you on, some of which are: Zoning Ordinances, "Unnatural Acts", "Sodomy", and Community Standards (Obscenity). You shouldn't even consider moving forward with this endeavor until you've determined the legal status of your situation. These laws and the zoning ordinances can be used to shut you down, and in worst-case scenarios, land you in jail. Be informed and be careful.
Both David and I moved to Seattle from the east coast's "Bible Belt", in order to be in a more adult-friendly and legal-friendly environment. This isn't to say that you should pack up and move from where you are, but rather to serve as an example of how serious we are about obeying the laws and that those laws may require you to change your current environment in order to follow the laws and/or standards of your community.
A very important legal facet, if not the most important, is obtaining proper identification from every single person appearing in the video, whether they're having sex or not, in order to show proof of age that they are at least 18 years of age or older. It's our understanding that in some states, that the age is 21 or older, but that's an issue about which your attorney should advise you. In order to obtain proper identification, you must make legible copies of valid ID. Valid ID is defined as the following: A photo state-issued ID, a photo driver's license, a photo military ID, or a passport. Anything else is not a valid ID and there should be no discussion of accepting anything different. We do advise, however, that you get a second form of ID from them, in addition to the above valid ID, like a copy of their Social Security Card or something else that can serve as additional documentation. Once the appropriate ID's are obtained, make at least two LEGIBLE copies for your records. We make an electronic scan as a digital back-up, as well as paper copies.
Another legal requirement that protects both you and your models is a signed and dated Model Release. An example of this and other legal resources is in the Producer's section at

My Attorney Says I'm Legal….Now What?

Let's begin with the basics about starting your own filming, finding models, and getting a final video ready for sales and marketing. I tend to suggest higher-quality tools, only because many producers (including us) have made the mistake of skimping on quality and lighting and the mistake footage is now unusable or unretrievable and resulted in a loss of time and money.

What Tools Do I Need?

1. Obtaining A Quality Camcorder With Which To Do Your Filming: By quality, I mean a full VHS camcorder or, preferably, a digital camcorder. Although prices for digital camcorders are dropping every minute, they are slightly higher than a regular VHS camcorder, but the quality it produces and the edit-friendliness of digital media is, by far, the best way to go. Digital camcorders typically have a low lux, which compensates for a bad lighting situation (but don't rely on the low lux to light up your scene for you) Here's your first pearl of wisdom: Do not shoot your videos on VHS-C, 8mm, or Hi-8 camcorders. The quality is horrible, the tapes break too easily, they're horrible to edit, and they just plain suck ass, compared to a full-VHS or Mini-DV tape.
2. Buying Blank Tapes, For Recording Your Shoots: Don't be a cheapskate about it either…get high quality blank tapes (For example: Gold VHS tapes or name-brand digital Mini-DV tapes.) Since you're just beginning, get a few more blank tapes than you think you'll need. You never know how long a shoot is going to last and if you don't have plenty of blank tapes to record on, then you're screwed.
3. A list of some of the video recording and editing tools and equipment that we use are listed here.
4. Getting Additional Lighting For Your Filming: It's almost impossible to have too much light, but it's very easy to have too little. Remember that what the camera sees and what you see, with regards to lighting, can be very different. Halogen work lamps or halogen floor lamps can be a good, inexpensive start. Because you're just getting your toes wet, I wouldn't invest in expensive lighting but do suggest that you have plenty of lighting on hand.
5. Obtaining Space To Do Your Filming: Assuming that you've covered the zoning and other legal issues, this is usually very easy to come by. Because we deal only with the amateur and pro-amateur video productions, which is what our customer-base drools for, a home setting (bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc.) is the ideal location. A motel room can also be a hot film set, but you should be careful of legal issues and lighting (natural motel room lighting is the worst). You will also find that many friends and people you meet will offer you their space to do shoots at…sometimes for monetary compensation, but mostly so they can be there to watch a porn being made live.
6. Finding Models: First and foremost, make absolutely certain that the model is of legal age and make copies of a valid ID. There are no exceptions to, nor should there be further discussions about, this mandatory law. That said…the number one question to us from new producers is "Where do I find models?" Well…there is no magic recipe (but if you find one, please share it with us). Different producers have different methods of finding models...mostly they find whatever works best for their own time, style, financial resources, etc. Many use model search web sites like Some cruise 24-hour "Mart" stores late at night looking for horny people up late looking for sex, some ask the people they have sex with, some place ads in local alternative papers, and the list goes on. Personally, I've been fortunate in finding models just by randomly meeting people in various places that range from standing in a fast-food line to nightclubs, but it's ok if that doesn't work for you since you'll soon find your own niche that does work best for you. Because Seattle has several sexually-explicit publications freely available to the public, I find those forums to be the fastest and easiest way to find models, although there usually is cost involved. Once you've found your model(s), remember to treat them with respect and professionalism, because word-of-mouth will either make you wealthy or destroy any future chances you may have of making it in the business, not to mention it's the right way of treating people.

Am I A Porn Producer Now?

Now that you have all the necessary tools, you are ready to begin filming. So…what do you do now that you've got all of your equipment and lighting set up and your horny models are ready for action? The best advice I can give is to give the model(s) direction and start filming everything that's said and done. Start off with "vanilla" scenes and have the models say and/or do what you would like to see in a porn video. You'll find that there will be people who don't like your filming style or content, but many others who will...and those are what we call "customers" :) Film everything you can, because it's easier to edit something out of the video than it is insert something you never recorded! To be honest, this is the part that I can't teach in an article. It's something that you'll learn along the way. Unfortunately, some of the learning you do will be from the mistakes you make…but we've all been there, so just do the best you can and make sure you have the right tools that I've listed as your foundation on which to build.

What About Paying The Models?

This is a good question where the answer varies from producer to producer. All model payment transactions should be clearly documented, so cutting a check is the best method. The amount of payment for a model's work will vary on different conditions, some of which are: How much are you budgeted to spend? How well did the model perform? Will that model's look and/or performance be a hot seller that you'll make your money back quickly? Has the model worked with you before and requires less guidance and time from you (and can he/she show a new or inexperienced model the ropes)? Do you want to pay a flat fee or hourly? Will you be paying the model royalties on video sales? (Note: If you're paying royalties to the model, remember that you need to have the terms of payments clearly spelled out in a written agreement. Personally, I think this method is more trouble than it's worth, but you may find that it works out just fine for your business model.)
However your payment schedule works best for you, never screw a model out of a payment that is rightfully theirs, including, but not limited to, writing them a bad check.

What Do I Do With All The Video Footage I've Shot?

The first thing you need to do is edit the footage, if needed. Edit out any copyright infringements, people for whom you don't have model releases, or anything that may be deemed obscene or questionable. If you already have the knowledge (or the ability to learn…it's not very difficult, just time-consuming), you can get a Macintosh computer with video editing software, which we've found to be the most user-friendly method of editing.
Next, you need to market your videos for sale. That's where comes in! At this point, AMVC takes over the marketing, duplicating, and distribution tasks for amateur adult video producers, especially people who really enjoy making the videos but might not have access to thousands of online customers eager to purchase their product, or people who are good with a camera but can't be bothered to do all of the bookwork and footwork needed to actually sell their videos. Currently, our gay videos are the biggest and best sellers, but we are working very hard to increase the catalog and sales of our straight, bi, and transsexual videos, and welcome videos of almost any genre (nothing illegal, of course!). More specifics are in our Producer's section.

But What If I Just Want To Perform In A Video?

If you're looking for a job in the Adult Entertainment Industry or are a Producer looking for models to perform in your adult videos, then please visit

In A Nutshell?

We realize that not everyone in this business is as ethical as us and we'd like you to be aware of that fact. Here are some things to consider and look out for, when getting your start in adult entertainment:
  1. Is this "talent scout" running a legitimate business?
  2. Ask for examples of their work. We have many, many videos to show prospective models and they should have, at minimum, a few examples of their work. If they're just beginning, give a little patience and ask a butt load of questions to reach as informed of a decision that you can about this person or company's ethics and business practices.
  3. Get a copy of anything you've signed and make sure both parties have signed and dated it.
  4. Did he/she make copies of your ID and have you sign a model release? If not, they are operating an illegal business.
  5. Read every word of the model release, before signing it, and ask questions about anything you don't understand. A standard release should state that the model is of legal age and that the model is giving up all rights to what may be done with the footage. A more in-depth release may go into more detail about sexual situations, liability, etc.
  6. Get a valid ID, if you don't have one! Without it, no legal business can give you any work. Valid ID is defined as the following: A photo state-issued ID, a photo driver's license, a Military ID, or a Passport. There are absolutely no exceptions to, and should be no discussions about, accepting anything else (unless you're asked for a second form of ID as additional documentation to the valid ID).
  7. Use your brain. If something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't. If you're in this strictly for the money, then don't let the thought of some quick money cloud your judgment and possibly put you in an unsafe scenario.
  8. The producer should discuss with you, before doing a shoot, your sexual limitations (if you have any) and you should both be informed and in agreement about what you will and won't do sexually.
  9. Don't be late. I repeat, do NOT be late! I've been told that I'm very friendly and fun to work with, but I will usually fire a model on the spot if they're late. I accept no excuses for showing up late (or worst…not at all!) and most seasoned producers are the same way. We are running a business and you are expected to treat it as such.
  10. It's very rare that you are going to be hired as an employee of that company. Odds are that you'll be hired as "contract labor". Typically, contract labor is hired to perform a temporary task for a one-time job and payment. Therefore, most of our models have full or part-time jobs and do work for us on the side for fast, easy, extra money. In other words, don't quit your day job just yet.
  11. You probably won't become a " porn star". Most of us in the business usually use "porn star" as a fun description that's most widely recognized and understood for the proposed job. Don't let a producer make you think that they can make you a star, because odds are very unfavorable of that actually happening. Back in the old days of porn, a model had a much better chance, but today every corn-fed boy from Nebraska is flocking to major cities to get into adult videos. However, it can and does happen sometimes and AMVC is privy to a variety of contacts for getting you more work in magazines and other video companies and we don't mind helping you try to make it big (just remember who helped you if you do!)
  12. Each producer will have his/her own rules of conduct upon arrival to the set. Make sure these rules are explained to you and you understand them. For example: When you arrive on the set of one of my videos, you are to be clean, wearing underarm deodorant (clear, gel, or roll-on only), wearing absolutely no cologne or perfume, have on skidmark-free underwear, pagers/cells turned off, arrive on time or a little early, in a good mood, and ready to work, have fun, and make some money! However, a different producer may have a different set of rules (or none at all).
Although this is a very fun, erotic, and sometimes lucrative business endeavor, it should be treated like any other business, because, is. Ask a lawyer, get your tools, practice, and learn from yourself and from others. Then, after you get a catalog of videos that are making you decent money, you just may be able to quit your full-time job and become a full-time porn producer or model or, at least, have the coolest part-time job or hobby than anyone else you know!

Who Are We?

AMVC ( is a subsidiary of our parent company, AMVC (, a Washington corporation located in Seattle and operated by W. David MacKenzie and Allen McNulty. David and I have a combined 16 years of experience in the online and offline adult entertainment industry and we take great pride in our quality customer service and business ethics, as well as our insatiable appetite for sales and growth. With almost a million dollars in sales last year, we've proven our tenacity, ability to successfully evolve, and strong desire for our producers (and ourselves) to succeed!
Dealing only with the productions of amateur (or "homemade") and pro-amateur videos, AMVC's products and services are divided into several categories: Production, Marketing, Sales, and Distribution for ourselves, as well as for many other amateur producers who have entrusted us to handle the above categories for the videos they produce (At the time this article was published, AMVC has over 120 producers for whom we market/distribute and 8 different video labels that we produce ourselves.)

How Do I Contact You?

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