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New Producer FAQ's

Must Contain Acceptable Content

Due to the wide variety of federal and state obscenity laws in the USA and throughout the world, does not allow certain content. We will decline to carry any film which contains the following acts or performances, simulations of these acts or performances, or the simulated appearance of these acts and performances:
  • Urine: Any urination, pissing, or peeing
  • Scat: Any depiction of human feces, even on a dirty condom
  • Snuff: The death of a performer on film
  • Blood: Human or otherwise for any reason, even on a dirty condom
  • Child Pornography: any performer under age 18 or portrayed as under age 18
  • Bestiality: Sex between a human and an animal
  • Fisting: Insertion of more than four fingers into the anus or vagina of a performer
  • Rape: Forced sexual activity
  • Incest: Sex between persons who are related by blood or marriage closer than cousins.
  • Drug Use: Any use of any illegal narcotic or consumption of alcohol by performers under 21 years of age.
  • Causing deliberate or accidental injury to a performer.
  • Any other content easily described as obscene, grotesque, or perverse
  • The question of female ejactulation has come up on several ocassions. It is our opinion that female ejaculation is likely to be mistaken for urination and therefore we decline to carry films that depict female ejaculation.

Minimum Running Time

Your film must be 45 minutes or longer. Previews, trailers, photo galleries and other bonus material do not count toward this minimum running time.

Recycled Content

In an effort to keep as fresh as possible and to reduce any customer confusion we are no longer allowing films with footage or sessions that appear in other films already listed on This rule does not apply to "Best Of Videos" or "Cum Shot Compilation Videos". Nor does it apply to any "Previews" you may include at the end of your film to promote the sale of other films in your catalog.

No Website Watermarks

The DVD master that you send to us may not have a continuous or periodic website watermark/bug/chyron displayed while the DVD is playing.

International Producers

We no longer accept international producers.

Rejected Submissions

Any DVD or Video that is rejected for any reason will be destroyed. We do not return rejected DVDs or Videos. NEVER send your original raw footage. NEVER send your one and only edited copy.

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