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Double Trouble

105 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: When Franco and C.J. stopped by one afternoon to hang out I catch their extended conversations about life and love and sex I convince them to get naked and squeeze out a couple nuts. They seem ok with the situation and stroke their cocks to the porn,making jokes about who's gonna shoot first. Franco wins the bet and shoots a massive load in his hand. He takes off to the bathroom to clean up and C.J. tries a little harder to get off,finally unloading a week's worth of baby batter in his fist.
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Tony: The Lost Episodes

75 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: While rummaging around the studio I found a box of tapes labeled with just the dates of production (2000 and 2001). Badda Bing! Several never-before-seen sessions of Sneek Peek's own Italian Stallion ''TONY!'' Badda Boom! And every one is a cum-coaxing classic!
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Testing The Waters

90 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Stripping down as soon as he enters my crib,Enrique plops in a chair and is good to go! I go down on his huge cock and I throw his legs in the air and start to finger his ass while I suck on his rock hard cock. Out comes Mr. Bill and I start to rub him against Enrique's hole as I continue to jerk him off. I almost have my cock head in his butt hole when he starts moaning and yelling ''Oh,Shit!'',busting a huge nut. ''Like your ass played with?'' I ask. ''Hell Yeah!'' he says.
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Str8 Loads #12: Cory: Director's Cut

112 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: I struck gold at a local hangout where everyone shows off his car. Cory and his boy Paulie loved the Jag so I took them for a ride. This 18 year old Italian thug is only 5'4'' high and 110 lbs! He's a cook at a local eatery and loves to play ice and roller hockey. Wait 'til you see the crank on this one! Porcoddio!
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Enrique: The Next Level

119 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: ''Feel like sucking my cock tonight?'' I ask,Enrique replies ''Yeah,sure.'' He takes my cock in his mouth and soon we're on the floor in a hot 69 position,both of us going to town! The cell phone rings but this time we ignore it and concentrate on the matter at hand. In no time Enrique's yelling ''Oh,Baby! Oh,Shit!'' as he sends several cumshots into the air.
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Gettin' Vinnie Off

113 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Buzz puts his leg across mine and soon he's stroking my monster cock as he pleasures himself. Beside me on the bed,Buzz takes the lotion,lubricates my cock and strokes me nice and slow,making me bust a killer nut! Buzz grabs his own cock and gives it some determined stroking,and when I say ''Cum for me,Baby!'' he spews his week-old load on the bed . I would say that Mr. Bill has had a busy week! Oh,yeah!
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Str8 Loads #11: Adam

120 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Adam puts his hands behind his head and lets me play with his balls and manhandle his throbbing piece,squeezing out every drop of pre-cum. ''You like that?'' I ask. ''Yeah,'' he grunts. I can t stand it any longer and before he has a chance to react,I chow down on it,taking every last inch of his cock in my mouth. Alas! After only 30 seconds of bliss Adam begins a barrage of high-flying cumshots and I try to catch as much as I can for myself! ''How was that?'' I ask. ''Very good,'' he mumbles.
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Full Flava #1: Tigg'r

106 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: To my surprise Tigg’r grabs my cock and starts to stroke it while he continues to play with his own still hard piece… In a flash he bends over and starts to suck my huge tool,licking the shaft like I do to him and in no time I’m releasing my own massive load into his clenched fist! We both needed a cigarette after that session!
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Barebackin' Buzz #1

90 Minutes...Live Sound
An AMVC Exclusive Video

Excerpt From Full Description: I start by pulling off his pants and swallowing his already hardening cock,then I start to finger his ass … Soon Buzz’s legs are in the air and I’m chewing on his butthole,preparing him for the inevitable… Mr. Bill is ready now to join the party and after I grease him up I stick it where the sun don’t shine! I love the way Buzz looks at me when I’m fucking him!

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