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Testing The Waters

A NOTE FROM VINNIE: This volume features some of your favorite performers getting their first lesson in the joys of "butt play" . A little butt munch here,a little finger pokin' there,and of course Mr. Bill comes knocking!


Johnny stops by after work and strips down for the session. Even though he busted a nut the night before he tells me ''I've got a big one brewin' in the kettle for ya!'' as he strokes up a hard on. I suck on it for a while then I pull out my own piece and start a slippery cockfight. When he scoots down on the chair I start rubbing my cock against his asshole,then after fingering it I push up his legs and suck his hard cock while Mr. Bill tries to get in the back door. ''It's getting close!'' Johnny says as I start up the cockfight again. Soon we're both blowing our loads at the same time! ''What are the chances of that?'' he says, ''Glad you called me today!'' I m glad I called Johnny too!

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Stripping down as soon as he enters my crib,Enrique plops in a chair and is good to go! I go down on his huge cock and as soon as we get into the groove of things a knock at the door stops the action. Uninvited guest gone,we get right back in the swing and I pull Enrique down on the chair. I throw his legs in the air and start to finger his ass while I suck on his rock hard cock. Out comes Mr. Bill and I start to rub him against Enrique's hole as I continue to jerk him off. I almost have my cock head in his butt hole when he starts moaning and yelling ''Oh,Shit!'',busting a huge nut. ''Like your ass played with?'' I ask. ''Hell Yeah!'' he says. ''So how was that?'' I ask. Enrique declares ''Just what I needed!''

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Buzz has just gotten out of prison and he's a little quiet tonight because I didn't help to bail him out. But he hasn't busted in a few days and he's horny,so he's pullin' his pants off and strokin' it up at Vinnie's crib. ''You gonna let me fuck you a little tonight?'' I ask, ''Yeah!'' he says. I suck on his cock and then I start to work his ass,his legs go up and I lick and munch on his hole. I oil up Mr. Bill and we start dawgy-style on the floor then I flip him on his back and fuck him while I stroke his cock. Buzz blows his load as I blow my wad all over his cock. Man! That was one ''Cumming Home'' party!

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Since his last visit Jedi has been working out (500 push-ups a day?) and is looking good as he strips down and sinks into the futon. I swoop right down on this 10-and-a-half inches with attitude...and take the monster to the hilt. Jedi turns around ass-up and barks ''Lick my ass!'' ,so I go to town jerking his cock and chewing on his hole. A few more swallows on the chocolate stick and it unloads its white creamy center on my lips and face. Short and Sweet: It's Good to Eat!!

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Franco checks out the porno for a lesbian flick (ugh!) and proceeds to shed his 'beater,pants and ''rubber ducky'' boxers. I suck on his bronze pole for a while and when I begin to finger his butt hole his legs go in the air and I start to eat out his ass. More cocksucking and a fierce cockfight finally make Franco bust a huge nut. As he shows me his new homemade ''thug tattoo'' I ask him ''How was that?'' and he replies ''Good! Really good!''

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Testing The Waters

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