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Str8 'N' Paroled: Franco

100 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description:I know Franco likes Vinnie's blowjobs so I go back to giving him head and in no time he's squirming and moaning and busting his nut on my lips. I swap places with Franco and ask him to lick my cock,but after a few seconds he can't continue (flashbacks from the that first experience?) so I let him off the hook...
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Blowin' Boston

103 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: I dive down on his cock and it grows hard my throat as I take it down to the base. Soon Boston is squirming and breathing heavy and I know he's close. A couple more licks on his shaft and Boston gives me my present... Just what I've always wanted: A face full of warm jizm! Thank you Santa...
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Bad Boyz Club

93 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: He wants to stroke off quick and join his girlfriend at the mall but I make him hold for a few more minutes. I finally let him bust and Corey spills a huge 2-day nut on his chest. When I try to massage his balls he pushes my hand away and barks ''No! Don't touch!''.
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Buzz Shots #2

120 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: This time Buzz has a sexy new blonde look that's making me real hot! Buzz knows the routine so he's soon naked and at full attention. I chow down on his cock,burying my face in his bush. After a giving him my best service Buzz plasters my face with his load and then holds my head down so I can get every last creamy drop.
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Goin' Str8 Down

120 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: I can't resist taking out my own stiffening rod and when I start a cock fight with Buzz it doesn't take long before I erupt all over Buzz's shaft. I go back to work on his throbbing cock and soon I coax out a massive load on my lips.
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Str8 Loads #13: Boston

94 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Boston stops by after visiting his girlfriend and when he grabs for his favorite porn flick I know he's ready for a session. I kneel between his legs and oil up his cock,stroking it till it's rock hard. Since the nice curve of his cock fits perfectly in my hand I'm certain it will fit perfectly in my mouth,so when Boston relaxes and puts both hands behind his head I hungrily go down on his cock. I get a little time to savor the moment but soon he's reaching for the ''rush'',timing it perfectly to the load of warm jizm he's releasing on my lips and face.
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Pluggin' Enrique

97 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: This sexy str8 latino thug has been coming to my crib for a while now and I never really thought he would go for the bum rush ,but here we are! 4 hot scenes of barebackin assplay,butt munching,hole-plugging,finger-poking fun! Plus some pretty hot blowjobs and creamy facials thrown in for effect. Yum!
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Barebackin' Buzz #2

90 Minutes...Live Sound
An AMVC Exclusive Video

Excerpt From Full Description: Buzz is crashing here tonight so when we end up in the bedroom he plops down on the bed and starts watching some of that new porn. Soon he's naked,pullin' his pud and headin' for the floor. Out comes Mr. Bill and a jar of Buzz' favorite lube. Soon I'm grasping his hips and riding Buzz's tight ass. He starts to slide back and forth in that special way and I love it! I lose it completely and blow my wad on his backside. Whoo Wee!

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Pokin' Johnny

75 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Johnny doesn't waste any time He's naked and sprawled legs-wide-open on my bed in a New York minute! As he strokes up a nice hardon and plays with his ass,I get on the bed and begin to blow him. I release Mr. Bill and Johnny begins to stroke him Johnny turns on his side and I know what he wants so I try to stick it in.
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