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Josh and Alexis #2

46 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: He slips off her short shorts and tosses one of her legs in the air and starts to eat her out. This is one of Josh's favorite things to do and he really gets into it. You can clearly see her pierced clit. Josh starts sliding a finger in and Alexis really starts to moan...she's loving it.
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Josh and Alexis: Boyfriend and Girlfriend Get It On

48 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Josh is ready for some more fucking and Alexis starts sucking on his dick again. They start on the arm of the couch again but find it a bit uncomfortable and move to the seat. Alexis sits on Josh's dick again, but this time Josh is not just sitting back, he it pounding that pussy for all he's worth. After a few minutes of this he turns her over and does her doggy again. Now Josh wants to get off so he puts Alexis over the arm of the couch and throws a standing doggy to her. He pumps her like crazy until he is ready to pop and pulls out and blows his load on her back. After he cums he stick his dick back in her pussy and fucks her some more. Finally, both satisfied, they head to the shower, for a sexy shower scene.
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Erok and Olivia

45 Minutes...Mixed Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Olivia starts sucking on Erok's cock. He leans back and starts fingering her pussy, and she loves it. Olivia leads Erok to the bed and lays down for a good tongue lashing as Erok eats her out with gusto. Erok pulls Olivia to the end of the bed and starts fucking her standing up. They move onto the bed and continue screwing. They fuck missionary, doggy, and scissor. Finally Erok sits on her stomach and shoots a six spurt cumshot onto her face.
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