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Josh and Alexis #2

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This is the second shoot for Josh and Alexis. This time they start off on their bed and still seem a bit shy about this whole video thing. They start kissing and soon Josh moves on top of Alexis and starts sucking on her tits and massaging her pussy.

He slips off her short shorts and tosses one of her legs in the air and starts to eat her out. This is one of Josh's favorite things to do and he really gets into it. You can clearly see her pierced clit. Josh starts sliding a finger in and Alexis really starts to moan...she's loving it. Josh is grinning away knowing he's got her under his control.

Josh rolls on his back and Alexis goes to work on him. She pulls off his shorts and starts to suck his big dick. Josh is just laying back enjoying the blow job. Alexix tries to deep throat him but she can only do it when it is soft. Once it gets hard she can't do it any more. Alexis really gets into the bj and grabs hold of Josh's nuts and massages them. After a few minutes they move into a 69 position.

When he's good and ready, Josh slides her to the side of the bed and slips his big dick into her. Alexis groans in delight. After a few strokes, Josh lifts Alexis off the bed for a long standing fuck. Josh grabs her ass and slides her up and down his prick. He lays her back down on the bed and really starts slamming it to her.

When he's had enough of that he flips her over and takes her doggy style. He loves to really ram it deep and he said this was the best position for him to do just that.

Now it's her turn. Josh gets on his back and Alexis get on and rides him for all he's worth. Next he just holds her still and slams it to her.

Josh rolls her onto her back and puts her legs behind her ears and goes for it. Next he straddles one of her legs and goes to work side saddle. Finally he gets back to doggy style to finish her off. He shoots a nice load on her back and in her crack and sticks his still hard dick back in her pussy for a little more fucking.

They get playful in the shower enjoying each other and just having fun.
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Josh and Alexis #2

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