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Hookups #6: Todd On Top

Big Bear and Little Bear:

Todd Drum is 33yo, hefty, hairy, and hung with nearly nine inches of beer-can thick cock. Todd's cock is truly amazing. I do not think you get the full impression on film of just how fat that cock is. I kept pulling my eyes away from the camera's little view-screen just to stare in wonder at Todd's monster dick. How anyone could get that in his mouth or his ass is a mystery.

You've seen Dillon before when he topped Mikey in Hookups #4 and again as he topped Lui Terra in Hookups #5. Now Dillon rolls over and puts his ass in the air for Todd. To be fair, Dillon did bottom briefly for Mikey, but it didn't seem to me that he was really enjoying it. Now we see him in total bottom mode. I never thought he'd get Todd's cock up his ass, but he succeeds. In fact he liked it so much that he came TWICE while Todd was plowing his ass.

So, you know there's some good fucking, but there's also some good kissing, cocksucking, ass eating, and finger fucking going on here--truly something for everyone. And yes, Dillon does not have nearly enough hair to be a classic ''bear'', but ''bear'' is more than just a physical description, it's a frame of mind--and I think Dillon can wear the title ''Little Bear'' quite easily.

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Two Bears & A Bottom:

You've already met Todd, so let me introduce his partners in this three-way fuck-fest. Jack Hammer is 58yo, grizzled, gray and gung-ho for some hot sex. Lui Terra is back from Lui Terra Gets Fucked to be the bottom boy for these two daddy-bear tops.

The session went off without a hitch. These three guys worked together like they'd been fuck-buddies for years instead of hooking up here for the first time. Todd and Jack really put Lui through his paces and Lui Terra shines with all the attention. Lui especially loves Todd's FAT cock and he takes it all the way in both mouth and ass. Even Jack can't keep his mouth off Todd's colossal cock.

Speaking of Jack...that fucker lied on his application and said he was 48yo. When I actually met him and found out he was 10 years older than that, I had a hard time believing it. Jack really is 58yo, but he's got a great body and fucks Lui like a wildman. Good job, Gramps! Jack's a hot man, no way around it. So, if you like hairy men, big cocks, deep fucking, and lots of cum, then this session is going to be at the top of your ''Best Of'' list.

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After all the editing is done there's always a pile of stuff that just doesn't make the final cut. Here we have three clips. There's a nice long group grope dog-pile with Todd, Jack, and Lui all over each other, a shower cam with Todd and Dillon, and a cute little montage of Todd who just can't keep his eyes off the camera.

Beyond the 86 minutes of the main film, this video has another 26 minutes of previews for films by AmateurVideoz, Barely Legal Boys, Black Guys Videos, Hung Videos, and, of course, Home Town Guys.

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Hookups #6: Todd On Top

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