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Hookups #5
Lui Terra Gets Fucked

The Internet is a wonderful place. You can shop for a car online, you can buy groceries on the web, and you can surf the net for sex. All of the models in this film were found through online personals ads. These are the guys you might meet the next time you're cruising for a hookup.

Reagan and Lui Terra:

Reagan is 6' 4'' tall and weighs in at about 220lbs. Lui Terra is 5' 9'' and only 132lbs. Lui has stand on tip toes as he and Reagan make out at the start of the session. Even when they’ve moved to the bed Lui's small body is still dwarfed by Reagan. Lui is quick to swallow Reagan's stiff cock, lick his tight balls, and rim his ass and Reagan loves the attention, holding Lui's head down to make sure he gets every last inch of cock down his throat.

Reagan works three large fingers in Lui's ass to open him up for the fucking to come, then Lui gets on all fours and Reagan put it to him good. Luis moves onto his back and throws his legs in the air to give Reagan better access to his hot hole and Reagan deep-dicks Lui some more. After a good fucking, Lui's uncut cock is the first to nut and Reagan greedily rubs the little Latino's cum into his big Anglo face. Lui's wide open mouth is right there too, when Reagan pops his load and he laps up Reagan's juice.

They head for the shower afterward to wash away the cum and sweat and Lui takes another taste of Reagan's prick while the hot water washed over them.

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Dillon and Lui Terra:

Lui was definitely up for more action after the session with Reagan, and Dillon (Hookups #4) was eager to have a tumble with the slender Latino bottom boy. Dillon and Lui make out with lots of kissing and frottage then Dillon scoots up to sit on Lui's chest and feeds Lui some very hard cock. They move into a 69 and Dillon gets his first ever taste of uncut cock. You can tell it's strange to him but he gives it a good try but he's soon distracted by Lui's tongue as it swirls around Dillon's asshole. Dillon obviously loves to be rimmed and Lui is an A#1 Ass Eater.

Like Reagan, Dillon works his fingers into Lui's ass, four digits this time, to open him up and then the fun really begins. They start off with Lui's legs in the air and Lui is lovin’ it right from the start. Lui can't get enough of Dillon's cock and they move to fuck on all fours then with Lui on his belly as Dillon hammers from above. Lui is really happy with the way Dillon fucks.

The session climaxes while Dillon sitting on Lui's face while they both jack their steely cocks. Dillon pops first, spraying Lui's check with his cum and before Dillon's finished shooting Lui's uncut dick spurts it's load. I just love a simultaneous cum shot! After a nice cool-down of cock nuzzling and cum-play, the guys hop into the shower and wrap it up.

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I set up a second camera for the after-session showers and got the clean up on film from a different angle for both sessions. No sex, but a couple of nice little clips for you voyeurs. After that we have a tiny little post-orgasm outtake from Dillon and Lui to end the film with a giggle.

Previews: Trailers for seven other films from Home Town Guys, AmateurVideoz, Black Guys Videos, and Hung Videos follow at the end of this latest video in the Hookups series.

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Hookups #5: Lui Terra Gets Fucked

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