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Home Town Guys

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Home Town Guys: Auditions #6

68 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Matt is 51yo and built like the proverbial brick shithouse. He's pumped, and hung, and has a sweet looking butt too. Matt is hard before he even strips down and says this is something he has always wanted to do. He said he loves sex outside, especially when it's cold. It feels good, it feels natural, he says. He pops a great load at the end, four big streams that cover his chest in cum.
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Home Town Guys: Auditions #5

66 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Danny is 29yo, buff, and intense. I thought I'd found a great first-timer when I filmed Danny, but a few months later I discovered that he's done session for other studios too. Oh well, that doesn't detract from his beautiful body and muscle-crunching cum shot. A clean up in the shower ends his session.
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Hookups #5: Lui Terra Gets Fucked

70 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Reagan works three large fingers in Lui's ass to open him up for the fucking to come, then Lui gets on all fours and Reagan put it to him good. Luis moves onto his back and throws his legs in the air to give Reagan better access to his hot hole and Reagan deep-dicks Lui some more. After a good fucking, Lui's uncut cock is the first to nut and Reagan greedily rubs the little Latino's cum into his big Anglo face. Lui's wide open mouth is right there too, when Reagan pops his load and he laps up Reagan's juice.
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Hookups #4: Dillion and Mikey

74 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: They start by making out on the couch, kissing and rubbing on each other like crazy then the clothes start falling away and before long, Mikey's got Dillons cock in his mouth and Dillon has his tongue in Mikey's ass. Sweet! They move to the bedroom for more oral fun then out come the rubbers and both guys take their turn on top for some flip flop fucking fun. Two faces splashed with cum end the session and the boys shower off afterward.
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Big Daddies

85 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: 53yo Sam and 23yo Carlo are a monogamous couple and they chose to shoot this session bareback without condoms. After some hot kissing, mouth-watering blowjobs and 69ing, Sam pushes his cock into Carlo’s hot, black ass. They've had a lot of practice fucking and you can tell they really enjoy it. Carlo gets dildoed deep and hard by Sam then flip-flops and fucks Sam's white ass for a while before they each jack off to wet and messy cum shots.
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Hookups #3: Bry and Kit

48 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: These two didn't need much prompting to start making out. They spent so much time kissing, rubbing and humping on each other that I had to edit a lot of that out just to get on to the better stuff. They trade blow jobs, get into a 69, do even MORE kissing and stuff before Kit puts that ass of his in the air and Bry nails it good. Bry shoots his wad all over Kit’s ass then they swap positions and Kit spurts on Bry's chest.
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Hookups #2: Shamus and Joe

55 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: You met Shamus in our first Hookups film, Hookups #1: Jake and Shamus, where he bottomed for Jake's fat cock. Today Shamus is the top man; plugging away at Joe's dark ass. The boys strip down and get into a bit of kissing, sucking and even some rimming, too, with Shamus diving between Joe's spread cheeks. The guys fuck in several different positions and Joe is all smiles when he's got a cock in his ass. They finish up by working together to get Shamus to bust his nut.
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Home Town Guys: Auditions #4

105 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: This 28-year-old Latino has a sexy goatee, a furry chest and a smooth belly. He gyrates and grinds on screen as he strips off to reveal his smooth ass and thick cock. Rico is definitely not shy. You can also see Rico in Jerkers.
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Hookups #1: Jake and Shamus

69 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Take one boned-up top with a nine inch cock, add one peroxide twink with a hungry ass and put them in a room with lube and rubbers and you have the ingredients for a memorable one-night-stand. Jake finds that stuffing his fat cock in Shamus's mouth is the easiest way to keep the eighteen-year-old quiet and happy. They trade blowjobs for a bit, Jake gets his ass rimmed out and Shamus sits down hard on Jake's rubber-clad cock. They fuck in several positions then stroke off together. Shamus’ cum load on Jake's pubes set him off to a gushing climax.
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Home Town Guys: Auditions #3

110 Minutes...Live Sound
An AMVC Exclusive Video

Excerpt From Full Description: Here's another Navy man, 32yo Joey. He has a tight body and a huge cock. He strips down in a flash and jacks his cock for a while before he picks up a 12-inch dildo and forces it up his ass while he jerks out his spunk load.
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